Loren is a friend of mine from Ohio, and a slamming cosmetologist! I had just gotten my hair done a day prior to this message. While she was doing my hair this spirit kept nagging at me, popping into my head, and she was very persistent afterwards, that I get this message to Loren because I did not do it then and there. 




TIFFANY: Loren, do you know a Joyce that has passed on?

LOREN: Yes my daughter’s Aunt.

TIFFANY: Well, Joyce was coming to me yesterday when I was with you. She is nagging at me to give you this message. She is concerned for your health, because of the amount of emotional stress you are under. She wants you to remember your worth as a woman and act on it. She I feel passed from some brain complication. She is one of your guardian angels, and she is watching over you Loren; call on her for guidance. She is making my head hurt so I feel as though it was an anurism or stroke. She said, if you do not take care of your emotional health your physical health will suffer. Does her message make sense?

TIFFANY: Did she make something special for your daughter a blanket or Afghan perhaps? She keeps showing me a blanket.

LOREN: I haven’t read it all yet it, started to make me cry, and I just got to work. I’m not sure if she did.

TIFFANY: I’m sorry. This is a message of comfort and peace. Don’t be sad, she is wrapping a great amount of love around you right now, and you should feel goosebumps.

LOREN: I’m just a big cry baby.

TIFFANY: It’s OK. She is telling me David is not the one for you. However, if you sit still, the right man will come. In other words don’t go looking for him, He will find you. How did she pass, am I correct? She is truly trying to guide you, and keep you on your correct path.

LOREN: I think heart attack.

TIFFANY: She had an underlying brain problem. I believe she either had a stoke or anuerism before a heart attack or at the same time, it was the brain ailment that she passed from. Heart attack is secondary. My head only hurts when she is speaking so it’s brain related. She also watches over and protects your daughter. I hope her message brings you some peace. Please call on her for guidance. If you are questioning a decision, and you ask her for assistance… you’ll get a whilly or funny sensation in your stomach, and or goosebumps. That is her answering you in agreeance to your decision.

LOREN: I’m going to ask my daughter how she died and about the blanket.

TIFFANY: OK….Let me know. If it wasn’t a blanket, she gave her something special she still has.

She asked her daughter how Joyce passed. Her response:

LOREN: Not sure about the blanket yet, but you are right aneurism!

TIFFANY: OK then I am correct it is Joyce, and that was her message to you.

TIFFANY: I probably shocked you with my ability because I never really spoke of it before. But now I’m sharing my gift to help people.

LOREN: That is so awesome! And yes Joyce did make my daughter a blanket!!

TIFFANY: That is so freaking awesome! I love talking with the angels. 🙂


~Tiffany Stiles~

Spiritual Life Coach dealing with Metaphysics. Psychic clairvoyant, empath.


Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇

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