Jon was a good friend of mine who I also assisted with Spiritual Life Coaching in 2015. February 19th, 2015 was the 14th Anniversary of his wife being killed in a car accident. She stepped forward to give Jon a message. 




TIFFANY: Jon, I know today is a rough day for you. I’m here if you need to talk. Jon, was your wife’s name Kathy or Kathleen? I’m having a Kathy step forward for you now.

JON: Kathy Ellen – Short for Katherine.

TIFFANY: I’m having her step forward to give you a message if you’d like to receive it?

JON: She’s my guardian angel and I’m sure I cause her grief and drive her to drinkin’ lol. Yes please, what is she saying?

TIFFANY: Here is her message: “My dear Jon, we knew it when we met we were soul mates, we still are. What a whirlwind it was, wasn’t it? I want you to know that I am doing great, and to see you needlessly suffer does my soul pain. I need you to know that I chose that manner to expire my physical body in order to clean up my karmic debt from my last lifetime. My soul had learned and evolved all it was going to in this lifetime, and I was ready to go home. My time was up. It was not your fault you didn’t get there in time. It would have made no difference. Jon, please stop beating yourself up over this, she says. Know that the time we spent together was the best time of my life and we had some really amazing times together that are locked into my akashic “soul records”. You brought the FUN back to my life! I have been sending you signs in the form of music, pennies, dimes, feathers. Remember that book that fell off your desk? When you need me just call and I’m right there to assist you whenever you need me. I love you, my Jon always and forever. ” Till I see you again when you see a feather, a dime, a penny, hear our song, smell my perfume, and can’t find something know that is me by your side Every step of the way.”

JON:  Thank you Tiff

TIFFANY: You’re welcome 😇

TIFFANY: Hold on, there’s more. Did Kathy give you a ring she keeps showing me a ring?

JON: Not to me.

TIFFANY: She’s showing me a “black band.” She’s been showing me this ring all morning!

JON: I gave her my High School ring, it was white gold and black until I bought her the wedding ring she was buried with. Oh wait! I gave her an onyx ring once. Her best friend took it as a keepsake after the funeral.

TIFFANY: Was the onyx ring was a black band?

JON: Yep all stone band! She loved it gave me back 2 or 3 of them cause the amethyst was so dark.

TIFFANY: That’s it! She loved that ring. She’s been showing me a black band since this morning. She has the biggest smile!  She is also showing me a book falling off a shelf to get your attention. Has this happened?

JON: No not in a long time.

TIFFANY: When was the last time?

JON: Three years ago.

TIFFANY: What was in the book? She’s showing me something fell out.

JON: Nothing, it was a paperback novel.

TIFFANY: Of what? What was the book?

JON: I used a sales receipt as a bookmark. It was a battle tech sci-fi novel.

TIFFANY: She showed something in the book falling out when she knocked it over…. Sales receipt is it!  That was her getting your attention. Signs!!!😇 Do you happen to remember the page the book was on as it rested after falling? I’m sure there was a message for you in that page!

JON: No, I didn’t pay attention. Kept them above my computer in Denver.

TIFFANY: She’s been coming through strong today for you. I got the image of the black band and her knocking the book of the shelf. Now she is showing me dancing, just you two in your house. How sweet it was. Did this happen?

JON: Taught her to two-step, but that was in a ballroom. A few times in our apartment. She used to use dancing to make me forget shit and think of her.

TIFFANY: This song came on. She said you think of her when you hear it. Is this correct? Shaggy Featuring Rayvon- Angel Lyrics!:

JON: No she was into country.

TIFFANY: She didn’t say she was into it. She said you think of her when you hear that song. Do you?

JON: Yea

TIFFANY: She knows and says she thinks it’s sweet of you to think of her that way.

This is an amazing day for you! She came through to give you not only a message, but to confirm it with the ring, the book, the song!

Now when you leave work you are to pay attention for another sign she will specifically give you today. She only wants you to be happy, live life and not to mourn her death anymore. She is happy and your guardian angel. She says, you felt her hand on you in times of accidents. She saved you. You are meant to be here, now she said snap out of it and get busy living life! No more of this sad shit Jon, she said! She loves you unconditionally.

JON: I Always knew that, not why I’m sad.

TIFFANY:  Is there anything you want to ask her, she said?

JON: Why won’t she let me pass over? Should have been dead so many times.

TIFFANY: She said, you are here for a specific reason. You must fulfill your life purpose and learn the lessons your soul came here to learn. It is not up to her to let you pass. You determined the date and time of your death before you got here in agreeance with God. She said, only she can provide divine intervention to save you because it is not your time to come home yet, as she has in the past, saved you. She said, you must live your life to the fullest and don’t waste a day of its preciousness. It is not thine will, but thy will be done. She speaks of the law of free will. She cannot interfere unless called upon or in divine intervention. She stands by your side to help you through, but you must call on her for guidance and support. She will give you signs, if you pay attention to illuminate your correct path. She said listen to your gut and stay on this correct path now. In helping others, you help yourself.

JON: I understand. You know, We did dance a lot! All I know is I statistically I shouldn’t be alive, but I am.
I know she’s my guardian angel and keeps intervening.

TIFFANY: Hmm, read this. This is a synchronicity for you confirming exactly what Kathy said today from your reading. >>>

“They are here to protect you and make sure you serve your purpose.” Is that not exactly what was said today when you asked Kathy the question?

JON: And yes most of that applies to me! Hmmm

TIFFANY: And that article that I literally just came across, and placed in my metaphysics page is YOUR synchronicity confirming exactly what Kathy said to you today. This is another sign FOR YOU! I’m trying to help you see, but only you can take the blinders off.

JON: I actually get it…it’s just unresolved issues.

TIFFANY: There is no right way or wrong way to grieve. It is as unique as your own fingerprints. Everyone does what they have to do to get through it. However to FEEL is to HEAL. Often we heal and gain the clarity at the end of the raw pain grief brings us if we feel. I was just happy that Kathy decided to step forward today to give you a message of peace and love and guidance. Hugs my friend.

JON: Thanks Tiff, this has given me peace and I do understand. I get it!

TIFFANY: You’re welcome Jon. Snap out of it and get busy living life! That’s what she wants for you. Be happy, be at peace, enjoy your life and stop trying to punch out, because she will be there every single time with Divine Intervention. You cannot leave, until it’s your time to go. Now enjoy your day my friend. Love, light and Angel blessings. ✨💖😇

Jon, may I share your reading?

JON: Yes, please do. Thank you for all you’ve done. I so appreciate it.

TIFFANY: Thank you Jon.


~Tiffany Stiles~

Spiritual Life Coach dealing with Metaphysics. Psychic clairvoyant/Empath.


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