Jade has been a Facebook friend of mine for some time. On this day, she just sent me a message out of the blue, and as a result a channeling resulted from her deceased father. Over the past few days, and on this day I had quite a bit of spirits stepping forward to give messages.

(For a psychic clairvoyant, this can be extremely draining, and cause major fatigue if too many messages come through in a short time frame. As a result, names or information can get skewed during a channeling session. Initially there was some confusion due to my fatigue.)



JADE: Just last week I saw an elderly couple strike a deer on State St. I stopped to make sure that they were ok, and they didn’t even know what “hit them.” it totaled the car, they were not injured but just really traumatized. I thanked my guardian angel that day, because it could have been me. I wish that I knew who mine are.

JADE: You are really special and such a beautiful person, sometimes all I need is to read your inspiration….. And you give me chills.

TIFFANY: You can find out who yours are. If you sit straight, spine straight, feet on the floor, ask God to surround you with the Divine Light of God, close your eyes and breathe, ask you guardian angel to step forward in the Divine Light of God only, you do not want to invite evil spirits. Only in the Divine Light of God do you ask angels to step forward. Ask spirit to speak its name, the first name that pops into your head is your angel. At this point you should either smell of the person, hear the person speak telepathically, or feel goosebumps on your arms, then it is within the Divine Light Of God. Ask spirit to share their message with you. You should be able to hear the message telepathically. We are all assigned guardian angels to watch over us, and guide us, and keep us on our true path, through the Divine Light of God. After your angel is done, send them back to the Divine Light, and thank them for their message. Thank God for keeping your light pure in His name. Thank you so much for your sweet words.

TIFFANY: You were definitely saved that day by your guardian angels. They call it Divine Intervention. 🙂 I try to write about it when an angel sends messages to me on here, you must not have seen my past ones. I just had one last night and then again today. The messages are coming more frequently, they are trying to get us to sit up and take notice of their existence, and that they are here to assist us. 🙂 Angels are very powerful working in the Light of God.

JADE: Absolutely, I agree!

TIFFANY: I had an angel come to me by the name of Howard, do you know a Howard that has passed?

JADE: No, but I am going to go try this. I don’t know any Howard’s. I’ll let you know.

TIFFANY: I have had angels come through that aren’t relatives, but were friends of parents that people had connections with. Are you sure you never knew a Howard even in childhood orthrough some sort of acquaintance?

JADE: No, not that I recall.

TIFFANY: OK, this message may be for someone else, but I feel a strong connection to you from the angel. I will tell you the message I received. I can feel heaviness on his chest, he either passed from heart complications or COPD. He is happy now and at peace, a guardian angel amongst us. He, I believe is one of yours. He passed in his late early 50s’ or mid 50’s. If you remember a Howard or figure out your connection, he wanted you to know he is one of your guardian angels and he would like for you to call upon him in your time of need or comfort. If you do not recall a Howard even after dwelling on it the message was meant for someone else. But as I was talking with you, the angel, Howard stepped forward. I first got the name Jason, but then Howard over powered Jason with the message.

JADE: Tiff, my father passed in his 50’s from a heart attack. I was in the ER yesterday with chest pressure/heaviness!

TIFFANY: What is his name. I’ve had a lot of spiritual activity today, and I’m fatigued, and I have a headache. I’m positive it’s your father because you confirmed heart attack, his name is not coming to me. That’s why I wanted to share the message. The message makes sense?

JADE: His birth name is Torrence after someone in his family like a great uncle. He always went by Todd.

TIFFANY: I see. You were daddy’s little girl. You had him wrapped around your finger. He is so proud of the woman you have become, and he was with you yesterday in the ER when you were having the chest pressure. He’s showing quite a bit of love. A very special angel. He says, You’re putting too much stress on yourself trying to please everyone for the holidays. He wants you to just enjoy the holiday and be at peace with family.

JADE: Oh thank you Tiffany!!! You are so special. I often think of my grandmother being there for me in my times of need, because her prayers were so powerful. Have you had any Ruth’s?

TIFFANY: I have not had any Ruth’s as of late, but if I do I will let you know. Have a blessed evening and try to relax and just give yourself some peace. Massage is popping to mind. Maybe it’s time to pamper Jade 🙂 peace, love, happiness and health.

JADE: Yes, all makes sense to me!

TIFFANY: That’s great! Have a blessed evening. I’m so glad your dad came through to give you peace and comfort. I’m sorry my being fatigued confused it a bit. Hugs. 🙂 please don’t be afraid to call on him when you need him. He will always be there for you.

TIFFANY: Jade, is it ok if I share this conversation on my page to give people the hope that their guardian angels are with us, guiding, protecting and watching over us?

JADE: Absolutely! I don’t know how to share conversations on here. I tried last night but I was getting everything all messed up. Yes go ahead!!!! You are such a lovely person!!!!!

TIFFANY: Thank you lady, you are as well. Have a great evening.

(There was a small section of this reading Jade asked me to remove due to privacy issues. However, it was pertinent to the reading.) I always respect the privacy and confidentiality of all of my clients.


~Tiffany Stiles ~

Spiritual Life Coach dealing with Metaphysics.



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