Dottie Gobleck has been my best friend for 30+ years. We are “soul sisters.” During a conversation we were having on July 18th, 2014, when she was out of town for a family function, her grandfather stepped forward to give her a message. Oddly enough, in the 30+ years we’ve known each other, we’ve never discussed her grandparents before in any sort of depth, just her parents.




Dorthy goes by Dottie, so this is how I will refer to her in this channeling session.

DOTTIE: Dottie texted me with a, ” Good morning, thinking of you!” With this photo attatchted to the text.


My last name being Stiles was what she was referring to, and my husband Dan, who was killed in the line of duty on 2-15-11, as he has made his appearance to many as Guardian Angel.

TIFFANY: Hey girl! Where is this place at?

DOTTIE: I’m in Omaha Nebraska for a wedding. This was my sign lol!

TIFFANY: That’s definitely a sign Dan’s looking out for you girl!

DOTTIE: 😁 Yea, I thought so too! I’m getting better at seeing my signs.

TIFFANY: That’s awesome! Any feathers?

DOTTIE: Na…none yet, but I’m open to it!

TIFFANY: One will appear before you leave. Pay attention. As well as a penny or a dime on the ground.

DOTTIE: Dimes or pennies?


(Dottie’s Grandma & Grandpa)

TIFFANY: There’s your second sign. I get the feeling this is your grandpa not Dan with the coins. I see an older man when envisioning the coins. You are Divinely protected on this trip. I see a flannel checkered shirt or stripes of some sort. Rough hands from hard manual labor. You will def see a feather before you leave this trip!  I’m seeing boots with mud are also coming to my vision. He worked outside in sun or rain just to be in touch with nature.  Does that sound familiar to you? My chest is tight, so I feel he passed from either pnenomonia or a heart attack in his 70’s. He says he’s sorry for not being a good Dad to your mom. He felt he had a second chance with you, but not enough time. Does that reading so far resonate with you?

DOTTIE: YES! But, I don’t know which grandpa, it could be either.

TIFFANY: This is your mom’s dad Dottie who is coming through.

DOTTIE: He was definitely connected to nature. Taught me everything thing I know!

TIFFANY: How did he pass? Since channeling my chest is tight with mucous. Pneumonia or heart attack is the sense I’m getting. I can’t breathe!

DOTTIE:  He died from Pneumonia in his 80’s! I thought he was pretty close with my mom…but he was really close to me. He was always outside gardening or propagating plants.

TIFFANY: I also see a dog with him now. Looks like a German Shepard or Lab or that type of mixed breed. He didn’t look 80, he looked in his 70 s when he passed. He specifically said he’s sorry for what he did or said to your mom. She carries something with her to this day that never got resolved that hurt her very much. He’s sorry. You were the light of his life and he’s one of your guardians now. He loves you very much and says to call on him in your times of need, and watch for the “signs!” He will always give you one. He has a big heart, and showed compassion to animals of all kinds.  Did he have a beloved pet, larger dog breed? I keep seeing the dog!

DOTTIE: They had a cocker spaniel Shepard mix when my mom was young. She kinda looked like Meesha, your dog. He was a very kind man. I never knew him to raise his voice EVER!

TIFFANY: Its the cocker spainal Shepard mix I keep seeing with him now. They are connected on the other side. He is such a big light with a lot of love, and peace. Know that he is your guardian and his favorite times were when he was working with you, and with nature, and the plants. This is who you call upon for guidance and protection in your times of need. 🙂 he shows me you got the goosebumps, tears.

DOTTIE: Tears…..

TIFFANY: He says you are not listening to your intuition right now, you keep brushing it off. The little voice you keep hearing, you’re not listening to it. This is him whispering in your ear. He says you are going against your divine purpose right now and the flow of life, this is why things seem so chaotic. When you go with the flow, listen to your inner voice and your divine messages you will have a feeling of calm, not fear, anxiety or panic. When you are going against, your stomach will bother you with pains and your heart with anxiety. Its time to listen now he says. Tears of joy. 🙂 awe love you girl. So happy I could give this message to you.

DOTTIE: Thank you soooo much! I’m trying a lot harder to calm myself, and focus on my signs and intuition. Thanks again! I love you girlie. 😂

TIFFANY: Love you too. He says, he sees this move as the wrong one for you and it will bring a heavy heart onto you–a sadness. He says now is the time to do something. Now is the time to take your power back, put your foot down, because this is the beginning of the rest of your life. He’s adamant when he said that! He says, now is the time to turn inward, and focus on you with self love. Realize your divine gifts and begin using them. You have many divine gifts don’t waste them, for this will bring your heart joy and fulfillment. You have veered off of your path long enough. It is time to go with the flow of your destiny, he says.

This was his message Dottie, he has gone back to the Light now.  I have to get ready to take the puppy to the vet now. I need to ask your permission to share this reading, as I ask all of my clients to give others hope.

DOTTIE: Yes, please do!  Love you. Have a fabulous day. Love and light to you 😁

TIFFANY: Love you too! Love and light to you and many angel blessings. 😇✨💖


~Tiffany Stiles~

Spiritual Life Coach Dealing With Metaphysics. Psychic clairvoyant/Empath


2 thoughts on “Messages From The Other Side- Dorothy G. Pennsylvania- July 18th, 2014

  1. Am having a very sad day today. Life seems a mess. My sister is going thru hell an I’m worried for her. I have been without a job for a while now. I feel lost an not sure what way to go. I keep praying for guidance from my gardian angel an from family that has past. Praying for the fog to life an to be able to at lest comfort my sister on her rough journey. This channeling kind of hits my heart. That I’m not listening to my guides although I feel I’m trying to. I see numbers an try to pay attention to thier meaning . I use Doreen Virtue ‘ s numbers app. Thank you for sharing this it truly gives me hope to keep trying to become more open to the help an love reaching out to me. Love an light to you an Dottie. ♡ sincerely Marsha


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