On March 12th, 2014, and the week prior, I kept having a spirit by the name of Josephine step forward to give a message. I could not pinpoint who she belonged to here in the physical, so I sent out a blanket message on Facebook. “If anyone knows of a Josephine who passed from Cancer, please contact me for your message.” Within minutes I received a message from Jim, that said, my wife, Angie’s grandmother was Josephine and she passed from Cancer. I said, this is who this message is for. I, then texted my good friend Angie with the message from here sweet grandmother from the other side.




TIFFANY: Angie,  I’ve had Josephine step forward today and last week. Here is her message: Josephine says, I know you think of me often, know I am always with you. I am no longer suffering, but was set free from the pain within the confines of my physical body and I have been set free to do my good works through God. She was religious and God granted her angelic status in the spirit realm. She is your guardian angel, and she is watching over you as well. She said, even though she suffered greatly with cancer, she is now in no pain. She wants to thank you Angie, for the things you did for her and said to her while she was sick. She loves you very much  and wants you to call on her in your times of need. She said, her job now is to assist, and she is unable to do so divinely unless called upon. Her spirit is kind and gentle. She said, you may have smelled her perfume when she is near you at times. Does this message resonate?

ANGIE: Yes it does, I had a wonderful grandma named Josephine that died from cancer about six years ago. Madison and I spent her whole last summer taking care of her with my mom. You made me cry, I do think about her a lot and miss her dearly.

TIFFANY: Awe, she came to me more than once persisting on finding the Earth assignment she belongs to. Do you smell her perfume on occasion?

ANGIE: Yes I have. Thank you so much. She was not my “blood gram”. My dad adopted my brother and I when I was 3. She always loved us like we were always hers. It kind of made it more special with her.

TIFFANY: That is so awesome! I’m blessed to have received this gift from God to speak with the angels and pass their messages of comfort, peace and love along to their loved ones. They are coming more frequently than ever. I always have a feeling of calm and peace when a special guardian angel visits to bring their message. 🙂 hugs love ya. May I share your reading Angie?

ANGIE: You are more than welcome to use that reading. You can put the name however you would like, I am ok with any of the options. Love seeing the pics of you guys! We miss you guys! Love you guys.


~Tiffany Stiles~

Spiritual Life Coach Dealing With Metaphysics. Psychic Medium Clairvoyant/Empath.


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