The Reading – January 15, 2016

Client- Chad B. from Ft. Myers, FL Reading Channeled By: Tiffany Stiles, Psychic Medium Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empath

The one year anniversary date of the passing of Chad’s mom was on January 14th, 2016. She stepped forward to provide a message.



CHAD: Yesterday was 1 year of my mom’s passing. So do you think that’s why I had zero energy?

TIFFANY: Awe, I’m sorry, those anniversary dates bring back so many memories, the good and the bad. I’m sure it was, but know she was with you Chad. I’m sure she showed you some signs.. Yes? Smells, lights flickering, feathers, pennies, dimes, butterflies, repeating number sequences of meaning?? Music perhaps.

TIFFANY: I’m getting the name Marilyn????? Did she pass from stroke or aneurism?

CHAD: No signs at all.

CHAD: Marilyn was her name, but she passed from a failed lung.

TIFFANY: I just got a pain on the right side of my head. Usually spirit shows me how they passed by the pain they felt at passing.  Her message to you: Son, please don’t mourn my death, celebrate my life. I am happy and my spirit is free now. She’s showing me a dog. Did she have a small tan dog???

TIFFANY: I feel there was a brain issue underlying…. the collapsing lung was secondary.

CHAD: She had a great dane that she was crazy about.

CHAD: I used to have a small tan dog.

TIFFANY: That’s what she’s showing me your dog. She watches over you and does give you signs you have missed in the past. Her perfume and music. Her favorite songs. At times bells or chimes ringing.

TTIFFANY: Tumultuous relationship with your dad????? She’s showing me a rocky relationship.  What is Tippy??? She keeps saying Tippy…. (Perhaps this will hold meaning for you in the future.)

TIFFANY: Ok, she says things have gone missing you feel you misplaced. This was her moving things around to get your attention.

CHAD: Tippy ? No clue lol

TIFFANY: She says on Earth she felt never at peace. She lashed out at times because of emotional pain, she’s sorry for hurting you. She says now she’s finally has the peace she longed for. Her soul is at peace.

TIFFANY: Did she dance or like dancing? Now she’s showing me dancing or ballets or musicals possibly she like to watch it??????

CHAD: Is it possible that its someone else your in contact with? None of this sounds like her.

TIFFANY: It may be, at times when one spirit steps forth, two or more do to give messages and they get crossed…..

CHAD: With my dad, it was shitty until I got older.

TIFFANY: I feel this is her, because she stepped forward as soon as you mentioned her. She may have went through things she never disclosed to you to protect you. Peacekeeper….trying to keep everyone happy.

TIFFANY: Then this is HER coming through. She loved you more than anything. She says ask your daughter if she noticed anything yesterday unusual???

(These two messages, above & below,came through at the same time via text)

CHAD: She was very protective for sure..please tell her that I have custody of my daughter now.

TIFFANY: She knows, and she’s so happy for you!! She watches over your daughter, and gave her a sign yesterday.

CHAD: She was her favorite.

TIFFANY: She says they had a special bond with each other. She saw her sad and crying yesterday and gave her a sign. She gave you one too, think back and go throughout your day.

CHAD: She shouldn’t worry bout me. I’m strong.

TIFFANY: Seven and sevens she’s showing me. When was her birthday? Anyone born on the 7th?

CHAD: Nope

TIFFANY: There’s someone in your life who was born on the 7th that is a special guide to you. (My birthday is on the 7th, she could be referring to me assisting you on your path.)

TIFFANY: She did not care for this recent girlfriend, she’s happy you are leaving. She says you deserve better, because you’re a good man. She wants better for you and your daughter. She’s giving her extra care now through this transition.

CHAD: Lmao she never liked anyone I dated!

TIFFANY: She just busted out laughing knowing this is true. She never wanted to see you hurt or in pain like she was. She says she was just protecting you, she didn’t mean to smother you or be over bearing.

CHAD: I didnt mind, because no one loves you like mom.

TIFFANY: She was controlling at times because deep down inside she felt her life was out of control. She did her best, she says. She says, she loves you dearly and she says call on her when you need her. She is there for you always and your daughter as a guardian angel. I’ve sent her back to the Light now. Loving soul who is at peace now. She’s happy Chad.

CHAD: Thank you Tiff…made me cry.

TIFFANY: Hugs buddy. I feel an all encompassing unconditional love it’s a beautiful thing! Our loved ones passed may be gone physically, but they are always here in spirit and soul, as this is everlasting and omniscient.

CHAD: I appreciate you so much for what you do..I see you as a teacher.

TIFFANY: Thank you, we are all teachers to one another.

(At this time Archangel Haniel also stepped forward to give Chad a message)


 Archangel Haniel says, this is the Archangel guiding you now in your present and future. Haniel symbolizes beauty, pleasure, and sustaining friendship. Haniel has the power to make fruitful that which previously was not so: to turn states of sadness, anxiety and worry towards happiness. Haniel helps us to recognize and fill the gaps in our lives from within ourselves, rather than continuing to yearn to have them filled from the outside. Haniel inspires that which makes life worth living: friendship, love, companionship, harmony, and balance. Haniel is associated with the rose, a symbol of the qualities of beauty, upliftment and unfoldment. One of the stones aligned with Haniel is the emerald. Haniel often appears as an androgynous figure with large gray wings. Haniel is dressed in an emerald green robe and carries a brown lantern. Haniel is the Archangel of all powers of love and harmony and can help you bring those influences into your life. Brings Friends, Lovers, Peace, Love, Beauty, Grace, Good Things, Common Sense! Haniel can also aid you in artistic matters and amplifying intuition, and your intuitive guidance.

CHAD: How does someone call on these angels?

TIFFANY: Your vibration must be high to meet them where they are in the angelic realms. That is by holding unconditional love in your heart for all. Unconditional love is the highest vibrational frequency you can hold and emit, when you do you receive the messages. If your heart is blocked, you block yourself from the Divine and higher angelic realms.

CHAD: My heart is totally blocked.

TIFFANY: I know. This is why you missed the signs your mom sent you yesterday. She showed me a closed heart.

TIFFANY: Chad, I have to tell you….I am never wrong when spirit steps forward to give their message. They say their name and I FEEL HOW THEY PASSED. She may have been diagnosed with a collapsed lung, but that was secondary to a stroke or aneurism on the right side just behind her right ear. The pain was intense, and it was only while I was channeling from her. The doctors may have missed this. I have had this happen with loved ones I’ve channeled before, and they recheck hospital records and find out I was correct, unless the doctor totally missed it. Energy does not lie and the guardian angels do not lie.

TIFFANY:  And Holy Sh**!!! I pay attention to EVERYTHING! The previous message I just sent you at 8:08pm, I was guided to look up the angel meaning of 808. Here it is for you. CLICK HERE FOR THE MEANING OF 808.

CHAD: I love deep messages.

TIFFANY: This was a TOTAL AND COMPLETE reading for you tonight. Your mom came through strong, the Archangel assisting you now, and the number 808. Follow and listen to these signs. They will not steer you wrong.

TIFFANY: Beautiful soul she IS!

CHAD: She would have liked you.

TIFFANY: She does like me. 😀

CHAD: For sure!

TIFFANY: She is persistent!

CHAD: Ha Ha! She sure is!

TIFFANY: Chad, may I share you reading? I will keep your name anonymous if you wish.

CHAD: Of course you can use it!

Watch for the signs going forward, the angels and our loved ones always use ways to let us know they are near providing, comfort, peace, guidance and protection. Just call on them and they are here in the blink of your eye! They cannot intefere in your free will, so when you need them, you must call upon them. They are happy to assist any way they can. There is no request too small or large. Your angels love you and are happy to assist you any way they can.



Tiffany Stiles- Spiritual Life Coach Dealing In Metaphysics.


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