Yes!!! We have a fantastic day on tap!

Dear Beautiful Souls!

The Flood Gates Have Opened!

Your need to “create”, and have a creative expression should be overflowing today, whether that is art, painting, poetry, writing, journaling, decorating, etc…Delve into these creative juices that are flowing within the Energy Signature today, and create something beautiful, either for you and your family, or to share with the world!

I felt a previous block on creativity for the past two weeks as we progressed through major energetic shifts and upgrades. This block now removed for this energy to flow freely through your BE-ing. Creativity stems from our sacral chakra. There has been much clearing of guilt and feelings of unworthiness through this lower chakra energy center through this past months of shifts. Through this clearing, it has opened the door to your creative expression, self confidence, and a boost in get moving energy. Work with this energy flow today, it feels great, and the there are no limitations, think outside of the normal realms of creation.


If you are still feeling a block, sometimes taking a pen or pencil to paper and doodling will spark your creative flow, the energy is there to support you today. Today, Creatively Express Who You Are!

The energy is high and positive today! All previous shifting symptoms should have dissipated. Enjoy this fantastic day!

By allowing our creative juices to flow, puts us ‘In the moment of Here & Now.’ Being present and in the moment brings calm and peace to our inner self. It shuts down the part of our brain that races out of control. If you want to relieve anxiety, create and put yourself in the here and now moment.

~Crystal To Assist You Today~





You have brilliant untapped potential just waiting to be explored.

What is your untapped potential? This card is asking you to dig deep to get your creative juices flowing. You have something brewing just under the surface, just deep enough to be hidden from your awareness. There is something magnificent in you, brimming to the surface, just waiting to find an outlet for expression. This card is your sign that you have brilliant untapped potential just waiting to be explored. How do you know what it is? How can you find it? The best way is to start immersing yourself in all that you love to do. Get creative, get inspired, and get ready to take those classes you have always wanted to take. Go explore that sacred land you have always wanted to explore. Get out those paint brushes and make your mark on the world. There is something magnificent just waiting for you to explore it. Go explore. You may find a hidden treasure.

I Was Guided Today To Also Give You The Spirit Message Of The Otter💖


It’s time to let go of control and surrender to the moment. Allowing the Universe to move in its own way will often manifest your dreams beyond your wildest expectations. ~ Otter



Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇

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2 thoughts on “Energy Report©-January 15, 2016

  1. I have always been a creative person but it has been years since I have been able to overcome this blockage. But since the beginning of the new year I have felt an overwhelming urge to be creative again. I want to share myself with the universe and have been told to be patient, just sit with these compulsions, that the time will come and all will be clear. I am very excited. This message is terribly exciting. I am ready!


    1. This is your Angels giving you a nudge Jani, what a beautiful sign from the Divine. Go with this flow and allow Archangel Haniel to guide you in your creations. Love, light and blessings. 😇✨💖


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