Dear Beautiful Souls!

For me personally, I feel it to be a calm day in the etheric realms. The solar storm, I feel, is subsiding which is creating a shift in energy from high to low or slow moving energy. This shift, for those who did not clear lower vibrational energies from chakra centers will feel a ‘block’ in that area:

Crown- headaches,

3rd Eye- sinuses

Throat- sore throat

Heart- sadness, grief

Solar Plexus- anxiety

Sacral- guilt

Root- fear

So a chakra balancing and clearing is needed to allow this energy to integrate on a cellular level of the body, and energetic level of each chakra so it may flow through you vs. getting blocked in an energy center.


There’s work that needs done on your part to clear these areas; sitting with, feeling, healing and releasing these emotions that have risen through this shift specifically to be cleared and released. If not, they will only resurface in future shifts to be cleared at that time. The purpose of these shifts is to increase your vibrational frequency, in turn an upgrade of your DNA occurs with each layer of releasing and healing you achieve. This automatically allows the new higher vibrational energy to integrate with you on every level of the mind, body and spirit for healing to occur on each level, merging the mind, body and spirit to one.

So take today to work through anything that surfaced for you through this latest shift. It has surfaced to be healed and released to assist you in merging with the newer, higher vibrational energies. The more we release and let go of that which is no longer serving our higher purpose, the higher our vibration increases. As each person (soul) heals themselves spiritually and karmically, Earth heals a little more increasing her vibrational Schumann Resonance.


It is not feasible to think we can just sail through these shifts and allow the energy to do all of the work for us without our participation. It’s a team effort. This is why now, more than ever you are connecting with like-minded souls that will give you the support and encouragement needed to get through these shifts. No, you are not alone as millions of people are experiencing these shifts all over the world, just as you are.

In turn, the more each Empath tunes into their gifts and abilities, the collective energies are being felt by all. The Empaths are being awakened to their true gifts and abilities now so they may be of assistance in healing the collective and Earth. Every day, more and more Empaths are understanding who they really are and why they came here. They are evolving at rapid speeds accessing their own Akashic record of past lives, healing karmic debt and stepping up to the plate to assist any way they can.

In this report I will be giving you several tools to assist you today:

A Chakra Clearing and Balancing CLICK LINK FOR Chakra Clearing and Balancing Instructions.




Empath Guidance–For those just realizing the gift you were born with of being an Empath. CLICK LINK FOR EMPATH GUIDANCE TOOLS & TECHNIQUES.

A Calming 5 Minute Meditation to end your feeling, healing and releasing session.

This will require alone time, peaceful time with just yourself. Whenever you can find the time to begin… the sooner the better to get started, as this month has already proven to be a rollercoaster ride of energy shifts continued from December 2015. These shifts will continue with only one or two days of down time to integrate new energies between each shift. It is ramping up therefore, we need to step it up and get busy!

To end this report, I would like to add Reiki Healing Video With Music to help you in healing the mind, body and spirit.This is three hours of Reiki Healing Music to listen to at bed time or in your free time.

Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇

About Tiffany:
Tiffany is a Spiritual Life Coach Dealing In Metaphysics. Psychic Empath, Energy Feeler, Healer, Transmuter. To schedule a Spiritual Life Coaching Session with Tiffany, please go to her FB page and private message your request.

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