Dear Beautiful Souls!
Saturn’s influence in today’s Energy Signature is prompting action in stepping forward with your gifts, and the ‘action energy’ to begin using them. This moving you out of your comfort zone, into just ‘winging it’ initially; know this is where the magic happens! The more you use your gifts, the more they sharpen and expand, and your confidence will begin to soar in your abilities. Whatever may have been holding you back, that block has been removed through this shift. Now is the time to begin!

This shift incorporates a solar wind stream and shock wave expanding the heart chakra. Your capacity to love, not only yourself, but everyone unconditionally will expand through this shift.

Image Source: Ryan Elzein/spaceweather.com


We were expecting a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) to hit Earth’s magnetic field on Jan. 12th. It might have arrived a day early. “Here in Inari, Finland, strong auroras appeared on Jan. 11th,” reports Rayann Elzein, who photographed this magnificent green outburst over the snowy Lapland. CIRs are transition zones between fast- and slow-moving solar wind streams. Solar wind plasma piles up in these regions, producing density gradients and shock waves that do a good job of sparking auroras. The CIR of Jan. 11th is off to a good start! (spaceweather.com)

Heart chakra energy is pouring in from this solar wind stream and shock wave. This high energy may keep you up later than expected tonight. This also may bring on symptoms of heart palpitations, as a heart chakra expansion is in line with this shift. Add the presence of Venus and feel the love flow! It is in the air.💕 Be sure to ground yourself with Earth through this solar wind stream.

How To Ground: http://www.earthenergyhealings.com/blog/how-to-ground-yourself

Venus is adding a boost to that love energy by opening new doors for you, bringing those who are a vibrational match into your field, life and possibly a new love may appear on the wings of Venus’s love energy. The energy is high and positive with the decisive ‘get moving’ energy of ‘action’ behind it, with a compassion for humanity at the forefront.

You know what you need to do, this energy says, “BEGIN NOW” by using this flow of energy to assist you in this next exciting phase of your life!

Crystal To Assist You Today 



Carnelian is a great stone for boosting energy as it is a stone of action! It is a strong stone to aid the physical body, as it maintains an improved flow of life force energy via the blood. It also stimulates and energizes the mind to help accelerate your motivation. It also aides in clarifying goals so you can find your best direction in life.

Card Of The Day


You are in the process of developing or fine tuning your spiritual gifts.

You are learning to trust and integrate your spiritual gifts into your daily life. You could also use your spiritual gifts when working with others, such as offering readings, energy healings, or clearings. Your spiritual gifts could be clairvoyance, clairaudience, energy healing, intuitive knowing, seeing auras, and many others. Be gentle with yourself during this process. Do not overthink it. Developing your spiritual gifts does not involve thinking. If you find yourself trying to figure things out, you could be blocking your progress. This card comes to you today to remind you that your sixth sense is a natural ability. It is not something you have to work at, it is something you have to allow and trust. Trust, meditation, and patience are the key when working with and developing your spiritual gifts. Even if you have been doing this for years, there is always more to learn. As you naturally allow and trust the process, more and more information will be revealed to you. You may be trying too hard, and any time you are trying, you are not in the flow of receiving. This is your sign that you are gifted! This is a part of your path at this time. Even the most experienced people second guess their abilities to receive divine information from time to time. If you are frustrated with your ability to develop your gifts or use them to help people, it is time to call in your higher self and ask for help with letting go of overthinking the process. Trust and allow your spiritual gifts to unfold in divine timing. This card is a beautiful omen that they surely will, if they haven’t already!


Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇

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