Grid Energy Report- January 8,2016

From The Beautiful Mariađź’–

Lightlover Journal


Did You feel it yesterday? Gaia’s frequency went UP what feels like a whole octave, it felt like a kick in the pants to me!

The Twin Flame energy has fully anchored at galactic level, beginning at physical level the unification of ALL Twin Essence experiences.

Twins are coming together.

Walk Ins, spontaneous awakenings and instant soul recognition will be some of the ways in which this occurs.

As this occurs in all possible manners of expression, it further activates movement of the world’s kundalini, which is an outer representation of humanity’s inner chakras balancing of Heart and Mind, magnetic and electric, feminine and masculine.

At this time All are being called into Service in whichever way  guided from Within, to assist with clearing of all energetic portals. This is so that souls which have been trapped against their will, can chose to ascend as free will is restored…

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Energy Report©-January 8th, 2016

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