Grid Energy Report-January 6,2016

From The Beautiful MariašŸ’–

Lightlover Journal


We have prepared through ALL our lifetimes for this NOW.

Gaia has raised her frequency and expanded, her ā€œcallā€ resonated across all grids, triggering awakenings in the Hearts of All. The Schumann Frequency has risen to levels beyond our wildest expectations.

As The Divine Feminine fully steps into her Sovereignty, The Divine Masculine is awakening His heart and joining Her in frequency,as per the Law of Resonance. This is the unification of Twin Flame Energy, which anchors in the frequency and consciousness of Hieros gamos, or Divine Marriages.

The Twins have Unified.

Twin flames are coming together across all grids in ALL Ways.

As man and woman once again unify in their Hearts,and step into their Light, they also fully step into the role of Guardians of the Earth.

Humanity is awakening very rapidly.Ā Spontaneous awakenings are increasing as the frequency of the planet increases.

ALL are being called intoā€¦

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