The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (Human Energy Field-HEF) and every organism and object in the Universe.

The Human Energy Field as a collection of electro – magnetic energies of varying densities that permeate through and emit or exit from the physical body of a living person. These particles of energy are suspended around the healthy human body in an oval shaped field. This “auric egg” emits out from the body approximately 2-3 feet (1 metre on average) on all sides. It extends above the head and below the feet into the ground.
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The aura consist of seven levels/layers/auric bodies . Each one of the subtle bodies that exist around the physical body, has its own unique frequency. They are interrelated, and affect one another and the person’s feelings, emotions, thinking, behaviour, and health as well. Therefore a state of imbalance in one of the bodies leads to a state of imbalance in the others.


1) Physical auric body – Physical sensations. Simple physical comfort, pleasure, health.

2) The etheric auric body – Emotions with respect to self. Self-acceptance and self love.

3) Vital auric body – Rational mind. To understand the

situation in a clear, linear, rational way.

4) Astral (emotional) body – Relations with others. Loving interaction with friends and family.

5) Lower mental auric body – Divine will within. To align with the divine will within, to make commitment to speak and follow the truth.

6) Higher mental auric body – Divine love, and spiritual ecstasy.

7) Spiritual (intuitive) body – Divine mind, serenity. To be connected to divine mind and to understand the greater universal pattern.



Greens are balanced, harmonious, and peaceful personalities. They need harmony in their life and prefer to live in a natural environment. They are the most balanced people in the color spectrum. They also have a powerful connection with nature. Living in the country,  next to a forest or park or close to a lake or ocean is important for these friendly and heartfelt personalities. Greens are open, extroverted, expressive, friendly, communicative and heartfelt.

Greens perceive life through their heart. Their primary motivations are contentment and harmony.  They judge their successes by how close they are to their friends or nature. Greens are content personalities. If they are in power and have found their place they  need very little to be happy or feel needed. Their inner happiness and satisfaction is important to them and is fulfilled without much expectation. On one hand, Greens do not need to be first in competitions, wear the most expensive or beautiful clothing or express the ambition to have the best job in town. On the other hand they love the pleasures and advantages of luxury which comes as a direct result of success.

Greens want to feel happy and content with their lives. They understand clearly that the higher they set their goals the more difficult they will be to achieve. They also have an inner understanding of the natural cycles and laws of life. They believe that to live as a human being is life’s most wonderful gift.

Green personalities are very talkative and communicative. They say exactly, what they think. They can talk for hours about almost any subject, often without saying very much.  A good “chat” is therapeutic and allows them to release and express their deep feelings and concerns.  Greens have a need to talk about themselves and their problems so they can understand them and feel better. If they are unhappy or frustrated they will discharge their frustration verbally. It is difficult for Greens to hold back or contain their thoughts and feelings. They just come out naturally. If you are not familiar with a Greens behavior you might be offended or surprised at how direct and straight forward they can be.

Greens are kinesthetic and have a strong connection with their physical bodies. For them, mind and body is one unit and all thoughts and emotions are quickly expressed physically. As an example, if they do not freely express their emotions they will feel uneasy, uncomfortable and in some cases become sick. They have natural ways of expressing their emotions and feelings. Like animals who are in contact with nature, all emotional energies are expressed without reservation or holding back. If a Green is angry they will shout. If they are sad, tears will come. If they are jealous, you will see the reaction immediately.  Greens don’t think about their feelings, they live them.

Greens teach us that if we express our feelings and emotions naturally, the next step will be harmony and balance. If we hold back our feelings we will do nothing more than create unnecessary problems in our life. Unexpressed emotional energy will stay in our bodies and lower our life energy. Many people have a feeling of low energy or powerlessness because they are afraid to naturally express their feelings. We communicate to the environment around us with our feelings and emotions. Greens understand this and live a in natural harmony with mind and body.

Greens have a strong contact with both nature and their physical bodies. They have a need to express themselves and be physically active. Spending time in a garden, digging in the dirt or working with animals creates a special feeling for them. Animals, especially horses, cats and dogs, feel the Greens openness and natural understanding and are drawn to them.

In balance Greens have a strong connection with nature and physical reality. It is more than natural to them to deal with the material world, wealth and luxury. Green have a balanced attitude towards prosperity. Every human being should live in an abundant environment. There is no need to suffer or live in poverty. They are also good in managing their own material possessions.

Greens have a definite connection with nature and mother earth and also have the ability to change and easily adjust themselves to different environments. They clearly understand the concept of change, a process which occurs in nature every day. They are not as easy going and fun oriented as Yellows but this is still an important issue for them.  They have a tendency of  taking life easy and enjoy most life situations the same as Yellows. However, they need more security and safety and their minds are much more analytical.

Green personalities are quick, abstract and analytical thinkers and can jump from one step to another without being concerned about the steps between. They prefer to develop and express their ideas and then to organize and delegate work. They are organized, efficient and have a need to understand everything they do. They process data both quickly and mentally and are able to make maximum use of this ability. Their knack of being able to communicate quickly is an expression of their flexible mind.

Greens are able to quickly recognize patterns and solutions to problems. They enjoy setting goals which they want to achieve as soon as possible. They also enjoy mental stimulation but often don’t have enough power or ambition to work hard and see those same goals to fruition. They prefer organizing, structuring, planning and especially communicating about their projects to actual hard, physical work.

Greens have high expectations and specific beliefs about life. This is especially prevalent in their relationships with other people and their own financial situation. They expect life to go their way. Contrary to most Deep-Green personalities, Greens are not very ambitious or hardworking people. They prefer a natural and easy going life rather than one which is hectic and filled with stress, based primarily on earning money and achieving goals. They need to be independent and free in the sense that they have their own agenda and way of life. Greens need to feel, at least to themselves, that they are their own boss and are free to express, explore and change any situation.

Out of power Greens can be lethargic, irresponsible, stuck and resistant to change. Growth and change represent too much action and effort. With this attitude they cannot discover their true love of nature and may go through life without any direction or goals. With this as a basis, life has no meaning for them They adjust to the status quo and adapt to their environment. Finding goals will be difficult because they have no strong ambitions. They occasionally question their purpose in life without finding answers or  solutions.

Out of balance Greens often project their need to communicate and their love towards nature and animals. They prefer to be with their animals or alone with nature to experience a feeling of balance and communion. They often behave this way because they are afraid to confront themselves with an even greater adventure: to love, to communicate and to interact with other human beings with all their positive and negative tendencies. Personal growth, evolution and natural change are difficult to perceive for Greens who are out-of-power.

Greens can become passive and unoriented at times. They express similarities to cats, enjoying doing nothing at all for long periods time. They just stretch out and relax, which allows them to create harmony and balance and to recharge their life energy batteries.

Unbalanced Greens are afraid to confront situations or problems. They prefer to stay on the outside which creates their reputation of being superficial or shallow. They are afraid to open their hearts and experience the power of love and affection. They need to understand that learning only takes place by confronting and dealing with life situations or problems. If they never leave the warm “nest”, or take any chances with their life,  growth and change will never be possible.

Greens need to connect with their general love toward life. When they do they will discover goals for themselves which make life worth living. Also, when this occurs, they will take the necessary actions to make their own changes or allow the natural changes to take place by themselves.

In power Greens know that life, by itself, is enough. Spirituality means nature, balance and harmony. Being in contact with fellow human beings and nature is being in contact with God. Friendship, love and understanding are important aspects to a Greens sense of applied spirituality. The more friends you have, the more you can consider yourself as a spiritual or enlightened being.


Greens are social and love to be with their family, relatives or friends. They love the secure feeling of being around friends and family. To feel understood and accepted is very important to them.

Green personalities need harmony and prefer a relaxed, balanced, peaceful environment. Being around people allows them to communicate and express their deepest feelings. In addition, having contact with animals and nature is extremely fulfilling to these loving personalities.

Greens can talk for hours. It is therapeutic for them. They tend to talk about their own experiences much more than about other peoples concerns They also have no fear of communicating with strangers without knowing them. These expressive personalities are often found in social groups or organizations. Community work and sharing life with their family and close friends is very rewarding to them.

Greens have a need to be with people, animals or nature. This interaction tells them they are alive and gives them the feeling of being needed and being part of nature.  Because of their ability to share and communicate, Greens are often found in teaching or therapeutic professions.


Green means relationships and interaction with humans, animals and nature. These relationships are their primary way of perceiving life. They view their world in terms of relating and personal interaction. Greens talk a lot about relationships: Who is going out with whom, why do you like him, is this the right partner for him or her? They need people to talk with and to share their thoughts and feelings.

Green personalities are natural in their interactions with others. They will talk with anyone without holding back or offering any resistance. It is natural for them to share their most intimate thoughts and feelings. They are open and forthcoming to the point where some people perceive them as insensitive or overwhelming.

On the other hand, often it is difficult for them to develop deep relationships. Shallow conversation and a general sense of openness does not necessarily guarantee a deep interpersonal connection or meaningful friendship. However, if they are willing to give and support others they can relate with almost every personality type. Greens just love to be together with their family or close friends.

Greens enjoy being sexually active. For them sex means aliveness, love and affection. In power Greens have a natural attitude towards sex and relationships because they understand the concepts of love and partnership. Greens match easily with Deep-Greens, Violets and all physical colors. A Deep-Reds security and groundedness is sought after, and a Reds power ads to the Greens mental and expressive abilities. Yellow personalities have a lightness which Greens love.

Greens need to understand a Blues loving and emotional way of life. Lavenders and Greens can talk about every subject for hours. s long as Green people can communicate and express themselves with their partners and they feel accepted and recognized, harmonious relationships are easy to achieve.


Greens have similar personality traits and qualities with Deep-Greens. Their financial attention is not on making money or achieving goals, but on having money and living a prosperous life.

Greens are not fond of working very hard whether physically or mentally. They are also not completely responsible when it comes to earning money for themselves. They often find it easier to have someone else support them, or just decide to slow down and only earn enough money for their own basic needs. On the other hand, Greens are security conscious. They need to live in a safe and balanced environment where money and problems don’t take up much space. Fighting for survival causes tension, something which bothers Greens very much.

Greens are friendly and helpful and because they know how to communicate what they want or need, they regularly receive help from others. They seem to understand the concept of nature’s support and growth system. If you ask, you will receive. Because of their connection to the natural support system, they often forget that it is also necessary to initiate action in order to make things happen.

Greens solve their problems not only because they have friends or know the right people to fix things, but also because they have good analytical, organizing and planning abilities. The Greens strong mind/body connection and their willingness to take action allows them to solve problems efficiently and quickly.

Greens come up with detailed and clever ideas. They possess a natural intuition which allows them to be quick-minded and innovative. But Greens normally do not act on their ideas for themselves. They will only take physical action and make their ideas or plans happen if they absolutely have to. They often wait for others to show up, accept their ideas and then create them into physical reality. In most cases they do not have the ambition or stamina to create and finish their own ideas and plans.

Greens love to work with nature, animals or other people. They have an inner need to communicate in any form with their environment. They also need a friendly and balanced place in which to work. As a result of not being very ambitious or goal driven, their interests are more focused on nature and human, interpersonal issues.

Typical “green” occupations would include: Gardener, environmental researcher, farmer, social worker, animal caretaker, mother, teacher, therapist, counselor, secretary,


The best method for Greens to find harmony is to accept full responsibility and live their own life to the best of their abilities. They need to get in contact with their own mind/body and see the natural flow of growth and love. If they know what they want and have defined their goals clearly, they will be supported by nature with unlimited energy.

Greens are natural healers and communicators and need to understand their purpose in life. They can bridge and unify mind and body and show humanity that friendship, sympathy, openness, communication and heartfulness are important aspects and qualities of human life. The moment Greens allow their body/mind to act naturally they have no difficulty in recharging their own batteries. In power Greens are healthy individuals. Their mind/body tells them or shows them exactly what to do to regain health in nearly any situation.

Living in a balanced, harmonious environment, close to nature, is therapeutic to them. Greens need to talk and express their feelings and thoughts to stay well and centered. They will be unhappy if they are taught to suppress their feelings and emotions.  The biggest gift Greens can give themselves is to be a natural, pure and simple human being.  Conversely, this is also the largest lesson they can teach and offer humanity.

Greens also need a lot of time for themselves. Relaxing at a peaceful lake, in a wonderful garden or in their own home is very recharging and fills their life energy batteries. Where other color personalities need little or no time to recharge their batteries, Green love to just be with close friends, talk about old times, take it easy, relax and enjoy life.

Greens usually need to be physically active. They prefer skiing, swimming, jogging with their dog, dancing and other activities which bring them in contact with their mind/body and with nature. As long as Greens have no fear of changing and growing they will be supported by mother nature.  Growth is the most natural thing on earth as well as the entire universe.


Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇
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