Dear Beautiful Souls!

We have some powerful energy coming in today from a recent Solar Alert and CME (Coronal Mass Explosion) that the sun released! For the “Energy Feelers” you may be feeling a bit anxious with this energy, be sure to ground yourself with Earth through this shift. I will reiterate that this has been one powerful month of upgrades, and releasing of the things, people and places that are no longer serving our higher purpose. This is no mistake! This is in preparation for your amazing 2016 that is awaiting you! You hold the key now to unlock your future! 🔐. Ring in this New Year right with a clear mind, a heart centered and balanced and a soul ready to stand in your purpose! 2016 is the ‘Year of Transformation.’ Expect to go with the flow, and expect to roll with the changes as there will be many. This change is good, not only for you but for the betterment of humanity. Begin pouring your positive vibes into 2016! Together we can make this year the year humanity ‘tranforms’ into a loving, kind, compassionate world.

~Energy Signature Of The Day~


With us being on a Solar Alert behavior can be unpredictable, be aware of your surroundings in crowds, and follow your intuition. If you are or go somewhere and it doesn’t ‘feel right’ leave with no apologies. As this energy pushes through it will heighten your intuitive navigation and abilities. Listen and follow it.






Are you feeling it?! I am certainly feeling it! ⚡💥⚡

A CME hurled toward Earth on Dec. 28th by an explosion in the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2473 is still en route. Forecasters expect the storm cloud to arrive during the late hours of Dec. 30th. According to NOAA, there is a 90% chance of geomagnetic activity in the wake of the CME’s impact. New Year’s Eve auroras are in the offing. (

Stay Grounded Beautiful Souls!

This means Expanded Concsiousness! CMEs cause radio blackout outs, internet connection issues, your cell will be drained quickly and the following physical symptoms will occur if you do not ground yourself with Earth.

Be sure to ground yourself with Earth through this intense solar activity as Geomagnetic Storms have the capability to produce physical symptoms in the body:


*Leg Cramps

*Disturbed Sleep Patterns

*Vivid Visions/Dreams

*Heart Palpitations

*Blood Pressure Variances

*Body Vibrating From The Inside Out



*Mood Swings- Highly affecting people with Bi-Polar Disorder.


Click link for step by step instructions on how to ground:

The Veil Is Thin

Image Source: Blue Moon Reiki Healing

This is a powerful time of connecting with loved ones past and the spirit realms, as the veil is thin. Use your discernment as to not to fall to ‘trickery’ from the spirit realms. By keeping your vibration high you will only connect with the Angels, Archanges, Ascended Masters, Divine Source/God and Your loved ones who have passed.

Image Source: -Howard Zen

Let’s Do This Beautiful Souls, Lightworkers, Soul Brothers & Si-Stars! The Golden Age of Earth Awaits!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year; A prosperous New Year, one filled with Love, Light and Divine Blessings! May this year bring you all you’ve wished for!

2016 The Year Of Transformation!


Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇
~Tiffany~ S.L.C. & Lightworker

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