Look at the images. Which one is pulling you in for a message from the Goddesses today? Allow your intuition to guide you to the message(s) waiting to be revealed to you today.





To Attract a Lover.

You are now ready to attract new love into your life or to strengthen the bond between yourself and your lover.

Take a handheld mirror and gaze into it in a darkened room, illuminated only by the light of a red candle which you have anointed with rose or jasmine oil. Call upon the Goddess Hathor and say:
“Great Goddess Hathor, Goddess of Love, of Beauty and Joy, I ask that you be here present this night, that I may voice my true desire for a lover in my life who will lift my heart with passionate joy. May they be guided to my side that we may share a love so true. May our hearts sing with joy in honour of you. Show me my new love, O Goddess divine.”

Allow your eyes to lose their focus and as you look at your reflection in the low flickering light. Perhaps another face appears before you? If so, who is it? Is it someone you already know or someone new? Perhaps you see yourself in a particular situation, look at where you are, taking note of the details. How do you appear? Is there anything different about your appearance or attitude? Who else is with you? This may be an indication of where you meet your lover.

When you feel ready, re-focus your eyes and bring your awareness back into the room. Thank Hathor for gifting you the vision to see your new love. Let your candle burn all the way down.




Love Awakened.

Now is the time to follow your Passion, the fire that burns brightly within your heart. You can inspire Passion in others as your power of attraction is strong at this time. If you have felt lack lustre and lacking in enthusiasm in work or love, you can now re-awaken your Passion to simmer and shine.

When you follow your Passion in life, then you will feel energized, happy and blessed. Whether it is your lover, your work, your pets or your hobby, this is the time to prioritize that which you are Passionate about.

Take a red candle and focus on that which inspires Passion within you. Close your eyes and feel the fire rise up within you, feel the energy, the power, the love, the laughter. Now say aloud what it is or who it is that you are Passionate about and ask for that Passion to be nourished, so that it flourish and grow.





Lady Luck calls to you.

You are blessed with Good Fortune at this time. Do not hesitate when opportunities present themselves to you or you may miss them. This is not the time to try and control every detail. Now is the time to take a chance and trust your intuition. Luck is on your side. It is a good time to start projects, apply for a new job or initiate relationships.

The Ancient Goddess Fortuna is associated with luck and good fortune. Asking for a blessing at the beginning of a project or venture is also helpful for Fortuna can inspire you to manage it correctly and be open to receiving her blessings of good luck.

Be grateful for the Good Fortune that you already have in your life and ask her for continued Good Fortune for your endeavours.




Sacred Flame.

You can now use the power of the Sacred Flame to transform yourself and become who you wish to be. The magical element of fire brings light and heat, enabling life, but it can also spell danger if it burns out of control. Fire is always to be respected as the transformation that it brings is irreversible. The element of fire gives us the strength to achieve our goals, to live our dreams, as well as the power to burn away that which we no longer require in our lives.

Write that which you wish to release from your life onto a piece of paper and, as you state your intention aloud, light it with a candle. Place the burning paper into a cauldron or heat resistant container such as a saucepan. When it is burnt, then write your desires onto another piece of paper and as you state your intentions aloud, light it from the candle and place it in the cauldron. Place the ashes in the earth and bury them in the garden or in a plant pot.

Utilize the power of the Sacred Flame to purify your body, your energy, your feelings, and your focus.

Today’s Reading Pulled From: ‘Goddess Enchantment Oracle Cards’ by Carrie Kirkpatrick

Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇

All images not noted with my name, courtesy of Carrie Kirkpatrick, not owned or sold.


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