Energy Report©-December 30th, 2015

Dear Beautiful Souls! Earth is being bathed in cosmic solar energy, quantum leaping humanity into the Golden Age! For an entire month we have had wave after wave of solar flares and CMEs hurled toward Earth! It has been a powerful month of transforming and transmuting! WOW! We have done a lot of releasing to … Continue reading Energy Report©-December 30th, 2015

~Goddess Enchantment Oracle Reading~

Look at the images. Which one is pulling you in for a message from the Goddesses today? Allow your intuition to guide you to the message(s) waiting to be revealed to you today. ~ONE~ ~ONE~ [ HATHOR'S MIRROR ] To Attract a Lover. You are now ready to attract new love into your life or … Continue reading ~Goddess Enchantment Oracle Reading~

Energy Report©-December 29-31st, 2015

Dear Beautiful Souls! We are being pounded with solar cosmic flares and energy. Further progressing humanity on the path of enlightened consciousness. Stay Grounded through this shift to maintain balance between the physical and etheric realms. This energy is POSITIVE! It will further prompt you to release old karmic patterns, old ways of thinking and anything … Continue reading Energy Report©-December 29-31st, 2015