Dear Beautiful Souls!

The Energy Of Today Revolves Around The Date. ‘8’ SOURCE


The number ‘8’ serves to teach us… that each and everyone of us has the power and free will to be the SOURCE of that which we wish to create in our lives. The number ‘8’ provides us with a conscious opportunity to transforms our lives and our world… it just takes BELIEF & the FREE WILL choice to take CONSCIOUS ACTION in our lives to be the change we wish to see not only in ourselves, but humanity as a whole. The number ‘8’ gives us all the opportunity for us to see the TRUTH of who we are, how the Law of Cause of Effect creates our reality and what we BELIEVE or focus our energy on is what we experience more of within our lives. It is so easy to get caught up in the pain, struggle and suffering in the world as at times can feel surrounded by division, separation and prejudices, but through the number 8 and the Law of Polarity we can be the SOURCE of the change that is needed within the world… we just need to focus our attentions from a higher place of consciousness. The number ‘8’ mirrors ‘As Above, So Below’, today Ground your energy with Earth and bring the SOURCE Light down through your Crown. Fill up your BEing with The Divine Source Of All That Is. Expand that pure LOVE Source Light out to humanity and Earth.


• Sit up.
• Breathe into Heart Chakra and continue to deep breathe until you feel relaxed.
Find your Divine Flame in your Heart and expand it throughout your being.
• Bring your attention to your 1st chakra. See a grounding cord attached there and follow it to the Earth Crystal at the center of the earth where it anchors itself. If your grounding cord looks old or damaged, replace it through visualization. With your breath, fill your body, chakras, and aura with the Divine Light of the Earth Crystal Cluster.
• Repeat: “In the name of the Holy Presence I AM, I am ready to be fully awakened and enlightened Now. I accept responsibility for living in and aligning with Divine Truth, Love and Will according to the Divine Plan of Light. I am only willing to connect with etheric beings Who are likewise of the Light and in alignment with the Divine Plan.”
• Continue with: “I now call forth the Source Light.”
• Now invoke your Soul and any other Guides/Angels you currently work with; if you choose.
• Visualize a straight horizontal line; this is your time line. It extends to your left and right into infinity. It holds all past and future lifetimes (yours & your ancestors’.)
• Place it in front of your root chakra. On top of the line place a small golden Sun right in the middle of the timeline. This is the Now.
• Exhale out through your root chakra with the knowing you are releasing any past or future energies held in that chakra into the golden Sun.
• Now visualize the Sun dividing into two pieces that simultaneously roll out to the right and left (past and future). As the parts of the Sun roll in both directions, each part releases the past and future energies from the chakra into their appropriate time frames.
• When the 2 parts of the Sun have gone as far as they need to go to accomplish their task, they automatically roll back toward the center point. They bring with them any energy & gifts that belong in your body in present time that was in the past and future.
• Now, move the timeline to the front of your 2nd chakra and repeat the above.
• Continue with all your chakras. (The timeline will be above your crown chakra.)
• Now, move the timeline and sun into your aura, at least a foot in front of your body and know that the sun picks up all out-of-present-time energies from your aura and deposits them in their appropriate time frames in the past and future. As the two halves of the Sun roll back to center and become one sun again, they bring back any energy that belongs in your aura in present time.
• Place the timeline and Sun in a rose and release it to the Universe…
• Fill up with Source Love.
To See More On Chakra Clearing and Balancing CLICK HERE.
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Merry ‘Christ Consciousness’

May The “SOURCE” Be With You!


With this being ‘Christ’mas Eve for many across the planet, I want to wish you all A Merry ‘Christ’mas with abundant blessings looking to 2016 with fresh and new eyes. I want to share an article I wrote called, “Christ Consciousness” with you. The Light of Christ dwells within all of us, as the Light of God, SOURCE, Creator of All does. The true meaning of this revealed on this Christmas Eve. Please see the article by CLICKING HERE.

The Full Cold Moon In Cancer

This Moon Is Very Special As We Have Not Had A Full Christmas Moon Since 1977 & Will Not See It Again For 19 Years!


This very Powerful Full Moon will indeed bring things to the surface for you to heal and release. Past relationships are coming up along with a nostalgia attached. Don’t be clouded by all that was rosey, see it for what it was and the lessons you learned. Shut the door and move forward in forgiveness of self and others. This Cold Christmas Full Moon in Cancer holds extremely transformative power to give you ability to Heal Yourself and others. Stand under these full moon beams and soak them up through your BEing. Ground yourself with Mother Earth connecting with her core crystaline Energy. Feel it pulsing up through your bare feet, through your legs, through each chakra center and out through your Crown, connecting with Divine Source! Bring that Source Energy back down through you to your heart center and expand it out. Feel the Divine Love and Light of Source pulsing through your whole BEing. Feel the healing occur in your mind, body and spirit. Send this pure, unconditional love and light out to humanity and Earth, so that it may heal everyone and everything it touches. Yes, YOU have the power to Transform and Transmute! See the full astrological and spiritual implications with this Very Powerful Full Christmas Moon! See The Whole Article On This Full Moon by clicking HERE.

Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇
~Tiffany~ S.L.C. & Lightworker


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