Which Archangel Michael card is pulling you in for a message from the Divine and Angels?




Archangel Michael calls you to connect with him on a deeply spiritual level during prayer and reflection.

This shield is symbolically presented to you by Archangel Michael as a powerful tool of protection. Archangel Michael assists you now to connect with him as a means to strengthening your union with God. During quiet reflection and prayer you apply your mind to the Divine via petition, praise and thanksgiving. Archangel Michael delivers all prayers with love so that you may obtain all the gifts and graces required for your highest good or for the highest good of another. The process of prayer elevates your mind and heart to a knowledge and love of Divine things and brings confidence and strengthens your present connection with God and his Angels. Archangel Michael will guide you to comfortable ways of strengthening your connection to the Divine. He will guide you to the words to use, formal prayers, to create an Angel Altar in your home, to light a candle, meditation practices or a meditation church, music, to a church or spiritual development group and will importantly assist you to find the time to connect with him on a deeper level. It is time to sit quietly in reflection. Archangel Michael says “Stillness is the gateway to peace!”

AFFIRMATIONS: I have time to sit in quiet reflection. I make time for spiritual connection. My prayers are heard by the Angels and delivered to God. I take time out to reflect deeply on my life’s purpose and to connect deeply with my Angels.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Time out, independence, inner strength, answered prayer, devotion, guidance, retreat, sabbatical, refuge, gratitude, inspiration.




Archangel Michael hands you an energetic key. This sacred key gifts you an unexpected blessing from Heaven.

This Sacred energetic key is delivered to you by Archangel Michael and is a powerful blessing announcing the arrival of an unexpected gift from heaven. This gift will arrive in perfect time bringing you the perfect surprise. Gratitude will fill your heart as you marvel at the miraculous ability of the Universe to answer your prayers. The Universe is all plentiful and abundant and this gift may arrive in response to you planting a manifestation seed of intent in the past. This gift will take on a personal form just for you. It could be a financial windfall, a new job or home, an award or recognition for your talents, a soul-mate, a new baby or pet. Whatever the gift is it magically brings a dream come true. The energy of this key is so powerful Archangel Michael refers to it as “Manna from Heaven!” Take this key with love and gratitude, hold it next to your heart and know that its gift is delivered. And so it is!

AFFIRMATIONS: I accept the Angels love and gifts. I am worthy to receive on every level. I receive all good things with open arms. I am able to receive without guilt or embarrassment. I eagerly await the arrival of my surprise gift from God and the Angels.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Legacy, inheritance, settlement, grant, genius, bonus, good fortune, miracle, kindness, profit, beneficiary, Godsend, falling feather, sign from a loved one passed over, perfect birthday present, unexpected flowers, a love letter.




Archangel Michael suggests using the healing powers of sound to rebalance your chakras and energy fields.

The sword and shield are symbolically presented to you by Archangel Michael as powerful tools for stress relief. The magic of sound has the ability to restore equilibrium to the body’s energy centres and auric fields but can also induce states of pure relaxation and peace. Relaxation is a natural state, i.e. an absence of tension within the body. Tension is simply “tightness” felt in the muscles of the body due to muscular contraction. Tension is the one major barrier that comes between you, your inner wisdom and your capacity for true joy. Allow Archangel Michael to guide you to the sound balance you require to remove tension. A sound balance can be achieved using a variety of instruments such as singing bowls, tingas, drums or tuning forks. You may be guided to purchase one of these or even a CD that features the sound. The beautiful thing associated with using one of these instruments is that without training you can perform you own sound balance any time of the day as guided by the Angels. Archangel Michael may also guide you to use music in your home, car, workplace or regular exercise program. Music has the power to induce states of relaxation and peace, transporting you to places of beauty and wonder whilst recharging your energy levels.

AFFIRMATIONS: My chakras are aligned and balanced. I am balanced by the healing power of sound. My body and energy fields are in total balance. Staying balanced keeps me in my personal power.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Don’t listen to gossip, listen to your Angels guidance, golden tongued wisdom, listen to a friend, hear others opinions, keep an ear open for an opportunity, hearing good news. NB: Angel staircase: meditations for healing. Track three has a sound balance for balancing chakras, auric fields and the physical body.




Archangel Michael steps in and throws down his royal blue cloak. Effectively the cloak can manipulate time as we know it.

This shield is symbolically presented to you by Archangel Michael as a powerful tool of protection. Archangel Michael’s cape is a Sacred gift from God. When Archangel Michael intervenes with his all powerful royal blue cloak of protection he does so from the vantage point of the absolute centre of the Archangel Sacred circle of protection. Archangel Gabriel resides in the West; Archangel Uriel resides in the north; Archangel Raphael resides in the East and Archangel Michael in the south. On the consensus of all the Archangels, Archangel Michael will move to the centre of the circle and throw down his all powerful energetic cape of protection over you or a situation you are involved in. This form of protection is not one that you can request. It is only instigated in extreme circumstances where the course of your Sacred Contract is threatened. You may or may not be aware of this “Divine Protection”. People have described situations where time felt like it was frozen “time stood still!” During these time people have described occurrences against all laws of physics, such as an object being mysteriously pushed away, a person showing up from nowhere and then vanishing, or a series of events which prevent you from taking a journey. For example: you miss a plane or bus or your car won’t start however hours later the car starts perfectly fine or when a mechanic checks the car no issue is found. Effectively the cloak can manipulate time as we know it that changes the course of your day or delivers and Angelic emergency response.

AFFIRMATIONS: I am protected by Archangel Michael at all times. I am protected by the Archangelic Sacred Circle of Protection.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Redundancy, sudden unexpected change of plans, cancellation, business deal falls through, contract falls through, missing out on a house or property, missing out on a job, Angels intervene protecting your best interests and will bring you something better.

Love, Light & Angel Blessings To You!😇


~Tiffany~ S.L.C. & Lightworker

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* Administrator of Spiritual Metaphysics- Everything Energy

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Today’s Reading Pulled From:
Archangel Michael’s Sword And Shield Oracle Cards by Michelle Newten



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