~Archangel Michael Oracle Card Reading~

Which Archangel Michael card is pulling you in for a message from the Divine and Angels? ~SPIRITUAL PROTECTION ~ ~SILENCE & SOLITUDE~ SPIRITUAL PROTECTION - SILENCE AND SOLITUDE! Archangel Michael calls you to connect with him on a deeply spiritual level during prayer and reflection. This shield is symbolically presented to you by Archangel Michael … Continue reading ~Archangel Michael Oracle Card Reading~

Energy Report©-December 24th, 2015

Dear Beautiful Souls! The Energy Of Today Revolves Around The Date. '8' SOURCE The number ‘8’ serves to teach us… that each and everyone of us has the power and free will to be the SOURCE of that which we wish to create in our lives. The number ‘8’ provides us with a conscious opportunity … Continue reading Energy Report©-December 24th, 2015