~Blessings With The Full Moon Of December 25th, 2015~

~December 25th 11:11am Full Moon Blessings ~ Welcome to this special video on the Christmas Full Moon on December 25. By: Tania Gabrielle https://youtu.be/ig6Bn_Dk_24 For so many reasons, this final full moon of 2015 will shift you to the core and gift you with riches and rewards. The potential for blessings is exponential! Here are … Continue reading ~Blessings With The Full Moon Of December 25th, 2015~


Look at the Guiding Light images. Which image is drawing you in for a message? Allow your intuition to guide you to the right message waiting to be revealed to you today. After you've chosen your Guiding Light Image, see below for your reveal. ~NUMBER ONE- SOAR~šŸŒ  ~ONE- SOAR~ You are getting ready to fly … Continue reading ~GUIDING LIGHT ORACLE MESSAGE~

Energy ReportĀ©-December 22nd, 2015

Dear Beautiful Souls! We are moving to the detox phase of this latest cosmic solar DNA upgrade. As many experienced the "ascension flu" from this vibrational frequency increase, you may also be experiencing skin rashes as the body starts to release the lower vibrational energies through your chakra centers and through grounding, if you have … Continue reading Energy ReportĀ©-December 22nd, 2015