It has been a very powerful week of transforming energies, clearing, releasing and integrating!! Depending on where you are now on your spiritual path and progression, you may be feeling a huge burst of energy, or the opposite, and a need to rest your body for healing. Whichever you are feeling, listen to what your body needs. Through this week it has also been a detoxing of the mind, body and spirit as these merge to one through the ascension process and crystalline body activations taking place now. Eating light will help you process this energy flow. Eating heavy foods now are not digested well through the system. Water is key in detoxifying the liver, kidneys and assisting with keeping your vibration high.


During times of integration and releasement work, it is wise to give yourself “self care”, to disengage and remove yourself from everyone and everything to allow yourself time to be introspective, to go within and really feel what and why certain things are being brought to the surface for healing. The things that are being brought to the surface are exactly what needs your undivided attention to heal and release. The energy upgrades we are receiving will purposely push all things to the surface which are causing a block in your progression, You will notice that is Anything that is not of LOVE and forgiveness of self and others. You will notice this “down time” and “bounce back” time is getting much shorter now as we are able to process these energies much faster now.


If you are unwilling to accept these new coming energy upgrades into your BEing you will experience a lot of toxic energy build up in your system which will manifest as physical illness in the body. The energies that have been blasting Earth and humanity since 2012 are that of ” Unconditional Love.” This includes love of self first, and forgiveness of self. This is the longest process to expand through as the programming overlay is very dense in allowing self love and forgiveness. As you work on releasing the many layers of this toxic, build up you have packed on through the years of this lifetime and lifetimes past, you will begin to feel lighter through each layer of healing and releasing. When these times arise, it is your queue for disengaging and quiet introspection, not to be confused with overanalyzing the situations of past. This is a time to view these circumstances from your higher self, void of ego– standing on the outside looking in. During this viewing process emotion is removed to allow you to see things clearly as they truly are, to see the lessons held within each experience. While engaging in this process it is important to “remember” you chose each of these circumstances and experiences no matter how painful for your personal soul growth in this lifetime. Knowing this allows you to process, release and heal much quicker moving through each layer and phase. As you come out of this viewing process from your higher self, void of ego and you’ve seen the lesson you came here to learn from this viewing standpoint, this is the time to allow emotion in, to feel the raw pain of it, and though this intense emotional release, you will heal. You will actually feel an energetic release and healing occur in your body. “You must FEEL in order to HEAL.”

We are souls having a human experience. We chose to experience and explore all emotions for our soul growth. If you stuff your feelings down and self medicate in order to “not feel”, you are stunting your soul growth and placing it on hold, thus making this process much more difficult for yourself. You in essence are holding yourself back by holding onto things that are no longer serving your higher purpose. When we try to hold on and not let go of persons, places or things, there is a block laid in your path. You will be blocked from Universal Divine Source, and connecting with your higher self. Your ego will override your life and decision making process. You will be blocked from Synchronicities. Your heart center will be blocked from the giving and receiving of unconditional love. You will be blocked from the higher Angelic realms, your Spirit Guides and the Archangels guidance. Your intuitive hearing will be blocked. Your financial situation will suffer, and your relationships will suffer. This only serving to keep you locked into the past instead of the here and now, controlled by the matrix overlays which block your own soul growth and ascension process which you came here at this time to experience.


The intense cosmic solar energy, the photon belt, the lunar activity, and the planetary alignments are propelling humanity on an another level of evolution, right here and right now! We are walkers between 3D and 5D, and we are learning how to remain in the physical of 3D while walking in the Metaphysical of the 5D vibration of unconditional love, and constantly remaining heart centered and balanced, while keeping our vibration high at all times. You are to the point now where you can’t stand negativity of any sort, drama, chaos, uneven temperaments of those you dwell with or work with. You find it very easy to walk away and remove yourself from these situations and people as their vibration is no longer a match to yours. As a matter of a fact, it is imperative you do so, to further your spiritual growth and soul’s evolution.


The changes are evident everywhere you look. New Earth is here as I witness daily the outpouring of unconditional love and support given and received all over the world.


You can feel the changes within you as you have been upgraded energetically to a higher vibrational frequency. Your DNA upgrade has given you merkaba activation with your gifts being activated which lied dormant within your spliced DNA until activation occurred starting for many in 2012. The gateway and portal openings on Earth, at that time reactivated connecting the crystal grid network on the planet, the ley lines, portals and gateways are all active now pulsing with very powerful energy. As this happened the social media network starting working in humanity’s best interest connecting like minded souls together all over the planet. Since, you have connected with many members of your soul tribe. As Earth’s crystaline grid began pulsing again, the unified collective consciousness began to also connect into “ONE.” We are one, all interwoven and interconnected with one another telepathically and energetically.


This explains now to the “Energy Feelers” how and why you are feeling the collective emotions of all, especially during world catastrophic events. We are creating our own reality now instantly manifesting into the present time, what we think, feel and speak as time merges from past, present and future into one. Your DNA upgrade is also activating neurons and electrons in your brain. New pathways are being connected in the brain to give you a fuller capacity of understanding the big picture, the whole picture. Your thinking and realm of understanding is no more limited, but blown wide open to have a greater understanding of all that is as you are connected to your higher self, connected to Divine Source, God, Creator of all that is. All truths are being revealed to you through this process.


Your senses are heightened, your Metaphysical abilities are expanding and your gifts which previously lied dormant tied to your soul purpose are being brought to the surface for you to use in humanity’s best interest.

large.gifWe are energy BEings, we are understanding how powerful we truly are As ONE, and as we continue through this process through 2017, each shift will bring new upgrades, new higher vibrational energy integrations. We are evolving into a new species. Through this process it is a constant releasing of the old to accept the new. Listen to your body and be gentle with yourself as we move through these intense energetic times. Rest when you need it, be constantly connected with Earth’s Electromagtic Field for healing and recovery down times and upgrades. If you don’t connect with Earth, especially through intense cosmic solar activity, you will feel floaty, spacey, dizzy, you will experience vertigo, headaches, body aches, heart palpitations, agitation, aggression, and mood swings. You must stay connected to Earth’s healing Resonance to maintain balance between here and the etheric realms.

You are remembering who you are and why you came here. This is a very intense process many souls all over the world are, and have been experiencing for years. Remember to honor yourself, disconnect and disengage when you feel the need to. I have felt the need to do this many times throughout the past month to allow healing through this down time. For me personally depending on the level of integration it may take a couple of hours, or a day or two, or a week. Whichever it is for you, it is very important to take this time for you, and to not feel guilty for disengaging and stepping away for a time from electronics and people. As you give yourself this down time, you will come back energized and ready to take on the world! Stay heart centered and balanced dear souls and keep your Vibrational Frequency High while we progress up the ascension ladder and through this evolutionary process. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


In abundant blessings, love and light. 💜✨😇

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