Dear Beautiful Souls!

We are in the middle of a cosmic solar DNA upgrade! This upgrade is initiating Merkaba activation within, connecting us to our Diamond Grid within, connecting the mind, body and soul, thus linking us with Earth’s Diamond Grid. Many are experiencing ascension flu through this process of releasing and letting go of the lower vibrational energies so this new energy may integrate with you. Through this integration you will have intense bouts of energy and then the bottom will fall out, almost putting you in a lethargic state. This is your body’s way of saying rest is needed for healing to occur. You may find power naps helpful or a need to sleep 15 hours straight. Listen to what your body needs. This as well is affecting the solar plexus chakra, you may experience nausea as this energy center is being cleansed. We have a lot of things coming into play here. We have a extremely rare planetary alignment coming up, and we have the Full Cold Moon on December 25th, which hasn’t happened since 1977 and won’t happen again for nineteen years! The cosmos are lining up for some exciting times ahead! This will affect the educational system, the political arena, history, religion, and the medical field, all other systems in place will begin to feel a shake-up!

This culmination of solar activity, planetary alignments, and the rare full moon will bring the truth to the forefront. You can expect some unexpected truths to be revealed not only in your personal life, but in the political, educational, history, religious and medical arenas as well. These energies will encourage you more so to step out of your comfort zone and into your authentic self, serving your soul purpose. This energy is all about truth; living your truth, speaking your truth and truths being revealed. Be prepared for big changes on the horizon.

Pay attention to the synchronicities and signs from the Divine. Listen and follow your intuition, it will never steer you wrong. Take solice in knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be right here and now. Bring yourself to live in and enjoy the moment of here and now~breathe. Know you are never alone as you are always being Divinely guided and protected on your path. Connecting with your Angels and Spirit Guides through meditation, and staying grounded are key components to assisting you in furthering the ascension process/Merkaba Activation-Diamond Grid Activation. Through this process all of your chakras (energy centers) are being cleansed of lower vibrational energies, not only from this lifetime, but all previous lifetimes. Your karmic debt is being cleared, thus releasing you from the overlay of the Matrix, where all truths are revealed. It is very important to remain positive and keep your vibration high through this process of releasement work, healing and integrating as we move to close out 2015 and move into a very exciting 2016!

Get ready to rock and roll as we kick off December with a bang and enter 2016 like a rocket!


We have been experiencing extremely intense solar cosmic rays with Geomagnetic Storms for the past week. This will continue throughout the weekend. Stay grounded through this shift, drink plenty of water, one day of fasting may assist in the cleansing and integration taking place.


Solar Alert by spaceweather.com

INCOMING SOLAR STORM CLOUDS: A pair of CMEs billowed away from the sun on Dec 16th. NOAA forecasters say that both are likely to hit Earth on Dec. 18th and 19th. These are relatively minor storm clouds. Nevertheless, the double blow could spark G1-class geomagnetic storms over the weekend. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. (Spaceweather.com)



Be sure to ground yourself with Earth through this intense solar activity as Geomagnetic Storms have the capability to produce physical symptoms in the body:

*Leg Cramps

*Disturbed Sleep Patterns

*Vivid Visions/Dreams

*Heart Palpitations

*Blood Pressure Variances

*Body Vibrating From The Inside Out



*Mood Swings- Highly affecting people with Bi-Polar Disorder.


Click link for step by step instructions on how to ground:



Image Source: Google

As per Stephanie At All Planets Direct

Beginning December 25th, 2015 with Uranus stationing direct, all major planets in our solar system will be moving direct/forward. Manifestations can be quickened during this time.
Uranus will begin this cycle on December 25th, 2015 and will end on January 6th, 2016 when Mercury stations retrograde. With these two planets starting and ending this cycle, Stephanie suggests the potential goes up for new discoveries when Uranus leads the event, which includes science, astronomy/astrology, technology, national social systems, potential for instant massive deep genuine heartfelt global peace and harmony for all beings on Earth. This could also bring a sudden, shocking communication leak that leads to massive, positive changes on our Earth.

You can learn more about about All Planets in Direct Motion on her facebook page. Stephanie will be giving regular updates throughout December, through out the 11 day event as well as after the event.

*See Her FB page link: https://m.facebook.com/All-Planets-Direct-369633939791516/?fref=ts


Image Source: sun-gazing.com

(In Cancer)

Mystic Mamma, (Sarah Varcas), says:

“These are powerful energies but they’re not beyond our ability to manage them as long as we do so with steady focus, humility when appropriate, confidence when needed and an enduring intention to allow ever greater spaciousness out of which a balanced and fulfilling future can emerge.

“The Full Moon in Cancer on 25th December once again raises the issue of what we desire and how we go about getting it. If we come at life from the perspective of what it can do for us we are forever in a state of lack, seeking something ‘out there’ and apart from us, to fill an inner vacuum.

“Shifting the question to what we can do for life opens the floodgates of providence, synchronicity and hope which conspire to enable effective fulfillment of our role in the collective drama of awakening.

“To quote an old adage, Christmas is for giving, not receiving, and never was this more the case than now, when a Christmas Full Moon illuminates all we have to share – physically, emotionally and spiritually – and asks how we intend to do so!

“The final week of the year provides both chilled-out fun and a few feisty conundrums to keep us occupied!

“A gentle and creative alliance between Jupiter, the North Node, Venus and Mercury between the 25th and 27th makes for some happy times and easy insights on how to help life flow, whilst a Yod formed by the Sun, Neptune and the Moon on 27th – 28th reminds us that the best way to do that may be simply to, as Krishnamurti once famously said, not mind what happens.

“Which isn’t the same as accepting all things passively, but implies an attitude of openness to the present moment, enabling responsiveness not reactivity, and clarity of intent rather than a stressed-out mind and heart calcified through resistance to the now.

“30th December sees Venus getting into party mood by entering Sagittarius, just before Black Moon Lilith forms a T Square with Uranus and Pluto to bring the year to a powerful close. There’s a buoyant, albeit intense feel to the year end, with the pressure of possibility bearing down upon us even as we shirk off the cares of the world to celebrate a new beginning at midnight.

“2016 promises to be another whirlwind ride, with the Saturn/Neptune square making its mark and the beginning of a conjunction between Eris and Uranus the likes of which we have never seen before. So hold onto your hat and sign up for the ride. Life is about to become even more interesting!”

*See her full December Astrology Report here:http://www.mysticmamma.com/astrology-for-december-2015-within-the-web-of-awakening-by-sarah-varcas/



😇See this link for A Full Moon Blessing With Archangel Gabriel: https://tiffany934.wordpress.com/2015/12/04/full-moon-blessings/

Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. 💜✨😇

~Tiffany Stiles~ S.L.C.

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2 thoughts on “Energy Report©-December 19th, 2015

  1. Your posts are so right on with me, I have been experiencing all you have written about. Thank you for your insights, it Is refreshing to have a deeper understanding of these signs and symptoms.


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