Look at the photo. Which image are you drawn to for a message? Use your intuition to guide you as you think of a concern or situation in your life you need guidance on now. (List your number in the comments section).

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MESSAGE: I give graciously and with joy, knowing I have an infinite well to draw from.

This card calls awareness to a new paradigm shift you are evolving into with regard to your giving. The shift is from obligation based giving to heart-centered giving. As you move into this higher form of generosity you recognize that as you offer what is joyful, from your heart, it is not only easy and effortless, you also have an infinite well from which to give. This is the soul’s way, and when giving is directed by your heart and backed by your soul, then it is truly a gift. In which area of your life are you being called to reevaluate the way you give and to shift your giving to come from a heartfelt place of joy? Remember, when directed by your heart, true giving doesn’t deplete you or leave you lacking in any way, instead it only adds to the richness and vitality of your life.





MESSAGE: As I allow myself to express my emotions genuinely, what I may have been avoiding becomes clear.

You may be backlogged emotionally and this is clouding your ability to see clearly. If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, ask yourself: Is there anything I am avoiding? Often times it is easier to create chaos, drama, and feelings of being overwhelmed than to deal directly with negative emotions, fears and feelings of vulnerability. You may believe you fear emotional expression itself. But the real fear lies in the uncertainty of what your life would look like with the increased availability of your own magnificence. Sometimes the unmasking of your smaller self in service to your greatness can be scary. Like washing a dirty window so the light can shine through, a genuine emotional expression clears the way for your magnificence to shine through even brighter. How much energy are you currently expending just to avoid your emotions or keep them down? Remember, the Spirit within you is far greater, stronger and more loving than any emotion, memory or fearful outer circumstance the world has to offer.





MESSAGE: I pause, so I may choose the highest and best path for myself and all involved.

This card is saying wait, not now, maybe another time, or have patience. Perhaps more information is needed or you are being prepared for something even better, or protected from something that is not in your highest interest. So pause, take a deep breath and reassess your situation; your wants, your needs, and the highest vision you have for your life. In hindsight, can you remember any “wishes” that you are grateful did not come to pass? It is easy to forget the Universe has a much higher and broader perspective on your life and can see all the nuances, obstacles, and possible outcomes of your requests on the journey to your dreams. Remember, if something is truly aligned with your higher purpose and is for your greatest good and the greatest good of all, it must inevitably come to pass.





MESSAGE: I shine the light of awareness on my fears, knowing that I am stronger.

Fears all have one thing in common: they exist, feed, and grow in the dark. Courage comes from choosing to shine the light of awareness into the dark place that a fear has created. As you face a fear head on, you gain access to the wisdom that the fear has been keeping from you. Fear’s job is not to punish you; it believes it is protecting you, but in this protective stance it may be blocking you from your dreams. If you are ready, talk to the fear and let it know that you are strong enough now to handle what is was keeping from you. Up until now, what have you been most afraid to face? Remember, as you face your fears, you gain the full measure of their power, strength, and wisdom in kind.

*Source: Cards pulled from: ‘Wisdom Within Oracle Cards’

Love, light and blessings on your continued journey. 💖😇✨



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