Dear Beautiful Souls!

Here is the December 15th Energy Report©. (For Empaths)

Empaths Are You Feeling The Yuck Vibe?

The energies are so scattered right now creating extreme highs and lows for you, me and many; this especially affecting Empaths. I haven’t been on electronics much, as I post a few things and take a break from it by reconnecting with nature.

What’s giving off the “yuck vibe” you may ask? This Holiday Season and the collective energies of the masses affecting Empaths. For many this is a sad, depressing time of year, and as Empaths, our gift is to feel in order to heal. You can add the recent events creating fear in the masses to top it off! It’s just a yuck feeling with moods swinging high and low, back and forth.

This started about a week and half ago for me, as news feeds are showing a mixture of depressing posts, angry posts, fearful posts and happy posts. It’s too much for Empaths to feel everyone’s mood swings, so taking a break from electronics, and reconnecting with nature is key during this time. Just take time for you doing what truly brings you joy this season. When you’re getting the “yuck vibe”, ask yourself, is this me or am I feeling the collective energies affecting me? This will help you distinguish, breathe and move on forward.

I wrote an article earlier today on “Healing With The Elements” to help guide Empaths, or anyone who is struggling to get through the Holidays; click HERE for the article.

Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. 💜✨😇

Energy Report-2015©

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