See Your Lessons As Blessings


~See Your Lessons As Blessings~

If you thought of everything that brought you to now…all the pain, the suffering, the “Divine Interventions”, the lessons, choices and blessings….they all brought you to now, exactly where you are supposed to be. Was it fate, you may ask? No, it was all Divinely planned before you got here. YOU chose every lesson, every blessing, every twist and turn before you got here to evolve your soul in this lifetime; the good, the bad and the ugly. We are not meant to stay in a perpetual state of self loathing and punishment. We are meant to learn and evolve, moving forward, carrying those blessings and lessons with us in gratitude. Reflect and see the ‘Lessons as a Blessings.’ They have brought you to where you are now! Ask yourself, would I be right here and now if it weren’t for those lessons and blessings, challenges and Divine Interventions?

Your path in this lifetime is no surprise and no mistake, that’s right…you made no mistakes! This has already been encoded within your Akashic record, pre-planned before you incarnated here. If you are reading this now, you have already evolved at the soul level, and thus, have connected to like minded souls. You are on your path of purpose! However, we are all souls having a human experience, and even though we chose to incarnate on this planet to experience all of the emotions, sometimes they can get the best of us….especially during the Holidays.

If you are feeling stuck right now, and not seeing the lesson as a blessing, know this is your sign to take a step back. Look from the outside- looking in as an observer, remove all emotion and ego, just observe this part of your life like you would watch a movie. Ask yourself, what do I feel, and see while observing all parties involved? What have I learned from this? As emotion and ego are removed, it becomes easy to observe non judgementally of self and others. The lesson becomes clear, then in a short span of time, the blessings appear. This is when rapid and instantaneous healing occurs of the mind, body & spirit from intense energetic releases.

This is how you can release and let go of that which is no longer serving your higher purpose. This is when you become free to move forward in a positive light. You free yourself..freeing, your your mind, heart, body and spirit. Your personal will-power is restored, and your confidence and resolve soars in taking you to your next steps to your future.

In Light and Love,


For more information see Soul Contracts below. 💜

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