See Your Lessons As Blessings

~See Your Lessons As Blessings~ If you thought of everything that brought you to now...all the pain, the suffering, the "Divine Interventions", the lessons, choices and blessings....they all brought you to now, exactly where you are supposed to be. Was it fate, you may ask? No, it was all Divinely planned before you got here. … Continue reading See Your Lessons As Blessings

Energy Report-December 12, 2015

It can seem difficult during the Holidays to be calm with so much going on and so much stress, but you owe it to yourself. Know you have full permission from the etheric realms, that being your Angels, Guides, the Archangels and Divine Source/God, to take a day for you. You know you need it, … Continue reading Energy Report-December 12, 2015