Dear Beautiful Souls!

Here is the December 11th Energy Report©.

We have a calm day in the etheric realms today with a much needed boost of positive, feel-good energy! You probably didn’t feel like doing anything over the past couple of days, due to the releasement shift that came in, and this was good, the rest was needed to integrate the healing that took place.

We are now past this phase and have moved into setting positive intentions and affirmations for your future course. Have you had time to reflect on this past year, and reassess how you want 2016 to be? Today is the day with the New Moon Assisting in your reflection, reassessment and new intentions! This moon has great capability to heal on all levels in the mind body and spirit with Chiron’s influence. Jupiter’s influence in the New Moon will help you break down barriers that have been holding you back. Use this New Moon to assist you in moving into a magically, abundant 2016!





Image Source: Ashley Snow


MESSAGE: An important move is in your future. Know that this change is for the best.

A new journey is about to begin. You will be ushered to a new place of living or business through synchronistic meetings, Divine signs, and your natural intuition. These changes will bring you many blessings, so release resistance and open yourself to receive. While only one journey may begin at this time, do not be surprised if positive changes flood all areas of your life. Don’t let fear stop you from taking important first steps. Your journey will be a beautiful one.

New beginnings in love are expected
Try something new and exciting
Allow your life to change for the better
This is a time of new beginnings
Create a sacred space, just for you
Surround yourself with natural beauty

CRYSTALS: citrine, rose quartz, moonstone, yellow jasper, and black tourmaline


Image Source: Ask Angel Oracle Cards

JOY & LOVE With Archangel Ariel

It’s time to move forward with joy and love. When you are in joy, laughing, or having fun you are essentially energizing these qualities and magnetizing more positive blessings into your life. Joy has the power to release obstacles and bring you into alignment with what you love, want, and need.

To align with your divine path and life’s purpose follow the feeling of joy. Do what makes you feel inspired, happy, and alive. Take a moment now to consciously breathe, relax and release any accumulated density you have absorbed into the light, allowing joy and love to take its place. Archangel Ariel is quite active now, giving you the courage and strength required to stand in your power, reclaim your full connection with the Divine, and experience a truly joyful, loving and magical life. Make the time in your schedule each day to simply play and enjoy your life. The choices you make today will set the stage for your next steps.

Keep choosing joy and love in the present moment to ensure a positive future.

Crystal to Connect with Ariel: Rhodochrosite

Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. 💜✨😇


Have a great weekend everyone!


Energy Report©-2015. If sharing please do so in its entirety. Thank you.

Card Pulled From: Ashley Snow’s Intuitive Mandala Oracle Card Deck.

Card Pulled From: Ask Angels Oracle Cards

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