Dear Beautiful Souls!

Here is the December 10th Energy Report©.

It has been a tough few days as much has risen to the surface to be healed and released. The fear and guilt releasement work is still underway as we enter the phase of the New Moon assisting us further in this process. This is allowing the lower chakra centers, (Root and Sacral), to be cleared and balanced so that you may feel more grounded, stable and secure. See more on assistance with releasing fear on this link- When You Become Fearless- You Become Limitless.

The New Moon is a time of contemplation and reassessing your future direction, as it will also assist you in healing and moving forward. In addition to this chakra clearing we are entering a detox phase of the mind, body and spirit to allow the new energy to flow through you after releasing and clearing these areas. Drink plenty of water, eat clean, exercise and rest for healing to take place. As we move through the 10th you will feel a welcomed boost of positive energy entering your field. This providing a lightness in energy compared to the heavy, denseness we’ve experienced over the past couple of days.

There is still a solar alert in effect, see below for additional details.




~The New Moon In Sagittarius

The New Moon brings about healing if the mind, body and spirit activated by the planetary healers known as Chiron and Jupiter. Chiron is working on the “collective” level to restore order in all areas, as well as helping to release fear, and anything that has been holding you back. Today is a great day to prepare your New Moon Intentions for healing on all levels and allow anything that is causing you fear to rise and be transmuted by love. Take some quiet time of contemplation to reassess your future direction, as many changes have taken place over the past few months. See more here for a New Moon Blessing.


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CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters estimate a 55% chance of Geomagnetic storms on December 10th, 2015.
Source of Solar Alert: (NASA) Spaceweather.com

Be sure to Ground Yourself With Earth through this solar activity to relieve any uncomfortable symptoms.

The chart below will help guide you to see which of your chakras are out of balance. As we move through these intense clearing sessions, it is highly recommended you continue doing chakra clearing and balancing, as well as grounding on a daily basis.

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See this link for Chakra Clearing and Balancing


Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. 💜✨😇


Energy Report-2015© If sharing, please do so in its entirety. Thank you.

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