Are You Struggling And Need Some Guidance From The Divine?


Oracle Card By Michelle Newton

Archangel Michael hands you an energetic key. This sacred key unlocks your etheric wings allowing your Heavenly qualities and gifts to bloom.

This Sacred energetic key is delivered to you by Archangel Michael and is a powerful blessing of “Winged Resilience!” The time has come for you Earth Angel to expand your consciousness and accept your etheric wings. The energy of this key is a gift from God that will allow your wings to unfold or expand if already open. As your wings bloom you realise that you can spread Heaven’s energies of love, faith, hope, kindness and healing as directed by the Angelic realm. Archangel Michael also explains that with the opening of your wings you are blessed with the gift of “Divine Resilience”. As your consciousness correlates to the energy of your life purpose this resilience allows you to handle lower and dense energies more effectively bringing you back to perfect balance quickly without absorbing the energy. As your wings strengthen you also become aware of an increased ability to sense energy and read auras. The energy of this key is so powerful Archangel Michael refers to it as “Ethereal Grace!” Take this key with love and gratitude, hold it next to your heart and know that its gift is delivered. And so it is!

AFFIRMATIONS: I can feel it in my wings. I am an Angel of kindness. I am light and buoyant, yet grounded and resilient. I spread love, joy, kindness and healing light where it is required.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Channel Divine Grace, charity work, volunteering, fundraising, congruence of heart and soul, miracle, carer, nurse, resolve, passion has purpose, rekindled wisdom, knowledge, life purpose, channel Divine grace, prayer, compassionate friend, Earth Angel, indigo, crystal or rainbow child.


Card By Melanie Beckler


*Archangel Metatron

This time now indeed is powerful for illuminating those thoughts, beliefs, memories and habits you carry that do not ultimately serve.

And so breathe in, and allow the light from the angelic realm, and the light from the Divine that is all around you to enter in. Breathe in the light. Let light fill your spinal column. Let your entire being be illuminated with light. And now as you breathe out, as you exhale, you are able to let go and release. As you breathe out, release fear, anxiety, and density that has remained in you but is no longer needed and no longer serves. Let it go. Release into the light and over to your angels.

To step into the full light that you are, into a state of pure compassion, love and peace, you must be willing to release past hurts, beliefs, and worry which is weighing you down. Now is the time, and your soul light is ready to fully shine.

Unconditional love, peace, joy, bliss, abundance, this is who you are. Release anything that is not love. Replace it with love, and step forward confidently in love, knowing that as you do you truly are able to ascend into the higher realms to begin to live your heaven on earth. You’ll then be able to serve humanity and your planet in this process of ascension and evolution. This is what you are here on Earth to do. As you release that which no longer serves you, you are able to truly connect with who you are with your higher self with your divine energy. And so breathe in the light, and as you exhale, let go.


Much Love, Light and Angel Blessings to you.


Card pulled from: Ask Angels Oracle Cards by Melanie Beckler

Card pulled from: Archangel Michael’s Sword And Shield Oracle Cards by Michelle Newten

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