~Set Yourself Free~


By: Tiffany Stiles

Once you become FEARLESS, you become LIMITLESS!
The only limits that hold you from progressing forward are the ones you have placed upon yourself;  from childhood programming of parents, school, and society as a whole. You have been programmed how to behave, what you can and cannot say, how you should dress, look, speak. You have been programmed that if you step outside of that box, you will be “labeled” different, freakish, not normal, crazy! It is all just that, ‘A PROGRAM’ to keep you locked into a BOX! The very minute you decide step outside of that box you are free! You no longer care what anyone thinks and you no longer need the approval of anyone else. You have begun to step into the authentic self you are, and you will present that self to the world fearlessly and unapologetically!

~You Are A Soul Having A Human Experience

You did not come here to experience this life with limitations, you came here to experience all of it in its glory, its messiness, its ugliness and its most beautiful and happiest, peacefulness. You are a soul having a human experience. You chose to come here to experience emotions, ALL of them.


In higher realms, and in the Light body there is but only one emotion to experience and that is of unconditional love. In order for your soul to evolve and progress to higher levels, this could only occur through karmic lessons and patterns, painful life lessons, challenges and the Soul Contracts you chose before incarnating on this planet. Through these experiences is where you grow, and your soul evolves. Only in and through the most painful experiences does a soul learn compassion, self love and unconditional love. Through this comes a yearning and a calling of how to show to others the way, and to help others out of their own pain and move through  to the other side of it with a renewed sense of self perseverance and strength you never knew possible. We are all here walking each other home. We Are one! There is no division, that is also a program.


We are all mirrors to one another for the purpose of lessons. You have learned what you do to another, you do the same to yourself. This is karma- The Law of Cause and Effect.

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For thousands of years this planet has been kept in a prison of a very low vibration and a very dense 3D reality for many different reasons, but the main one was to keep humans from releasing karmic patterns and stay on the wheel karma, and of reincarnation for the purpose of control and fear to provide a service/services.


Through manipulation of DNA and evolution we have now progressed to this level. The level of truth and knowing. Only 3% of our DNA was activated at that time, just enough to survive, but on an extremely limited basis. The other 97% spliced to remain dormant. This is how control has been maintained for 26,000 years, UNTIL NOW! Now with the realigning of the Photon Belt, the Milky Way, the Planets, the extreme solar flare activity, coupled with the lunar events that have taken place, starting in 2011, our total DNA is being reactivated to function at 100% capacity.

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When this happens it begins firing up each chakra energy center in the body one by one until all are firing in a wide spinning circle in unison with one another. You then reach a higher connection to your higher consciousness and experience the “Dark Night of the Soul.” Your ego falls away through this process, and your kundalini energy that has been coiled at the base of your spine begins to rise through each one of your chakra centers completing your 12 strands of DNA. At this time you are fully activated! You are FEARLESS and you are LIMITLESS energy flowing from Divine Source to the core of Mother Earth. You become a crystalline light body, and the embodiment of that Light frequency of unconditional love. The more you allow this energy to move through you, the easier it is for you to integrate with it. As you do, your Light shines so brightly that you will show others out of the Darkness. Anything you are holding onto through this process creates a block in your progress and allows you to place these limitations back on yourself. As things rise to be released, see it as the life lesson it was. What did you learn from it? Then release, forgive and let it go. This is how you move through each energetic layer of density within yourself, to free yourself- to become Limitless!

This is why you came here now, in this lifetime. The number sequences, the symbols, the downloads of information, the increase in vibrational frequency, your gifts expanding, is all happening right on course. You trained and prepared yourself for this many lifetimes over. You are not ill equipped. Everything you need to know lies within attatchted to your higher consciousness, tied to Divine Source.

Jesus was an example of this to show us the way, and he did, and the returning of Jesus IS the embodiment of Christ Consciousness within YOURSELF! This is the returning of Jesus through each and everyone one of us who completes this process. As each one does the Divine template of Earth returns, lifted from the 3D density of control and fear and raises to 5D and higher realms of consciousness UNIFIED AT THE COLLECTIVE LEVEL.



*You are remembering this universal truth now.

*You are remembering the Laws of the Universe. See more here on the 12 Universal Laws.

*You are remembering you are the co-creator of your present and future reality.

*You are remembering that your thoughts, words and actions are what creates your reality.

*You are remembering that in order for you to continue progressing you must release the old, lower vibrational emotions to make room for the new higher vibrational frequencies that are coming into your body now. Allow your higher heart chakra to open and love unconditionally.

*You are remembering that your health is mind, body and spirit connected and your total body health remains in your emotional well-being being attatchted at each chakra level and energy center.

*You are remembering from a specific triggering event that you must begin seeking the truth for any of this process to begin to unfold.

*Through this, you are remembering that you need to keep yourself aware of current global events, but you do not allow them to control or take over your emotions. You don’t feed any into any negative, worldly events, because if you do you are feeding that energy into it to propel it further.

*You are remembering to only keep your vibration high, and to remain positive, even in the face of adversity for this is what will create a positive outcome for your reality to rapidly manifest.

Through this knowing you will become FEARLESS and you will become LIMITLESS! For when you become LIMITLESS energy you flow with the Universe, and the Universe flows with you. Synchronicity is abundant and will be a daily part of your life leaving little bread crumbs for you to follow on your Divine path. You have full access to the higher realms of consciousness and inter-dimensional reality as you are an inter-dimensional being. Your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels and Guardian Angels are here to assist you through this process. Call on them and they are here in the blink of your eye.


Love, light & blessings on your continued journey.💜✨😇
By: Tiffany Stiles
Channeled Through Universal Divine Source.


About Tiffany:

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