Working With The Element Water


~WATER REMINDS US TO GO WITH THE FLOW, INSTEAD OF FIGHTING AGAINST IT.~As you may sense, too, there is so much happening beneath the surface, behind the scenes, and between the lines now. Those of us who are naturally wired and purposed to be Walkers Between the Worlds are feeling that calling heighten now. The veil is thinning and interdemensional reality is more ‘real’ than ever. It is important to take time for yourself to recharge during these highly shifting energetic times.

Below I’ve listed how to use and work with the element of water to help calm your emotions, your central nervous system, and to detox from Energetic, negative, toxic debris. For an Empath water and nature are the healing elements that allow us to recharge and rejuvenate.

Imagine You Are Sitting Right Here. Imagine the sun on your skin, the salt air caressing your lungs, the sounds of nature healing you.

Look at images of water. Let your imagination, that right brain, feminine, intuitive insight guide you to calming serenity and peaceful relaxation .

Breathe 6 Deep Breaths In & Out. Feel Yourself Calming, Centering, Balancing.


Taking a detox bath to clear the mind, body and spirit does wonders. Sea salt is an excellent source to remove negative energy build up.

Here are some bath recipes from Dr. Axe.  http://draxe.com/detox-bath-recipes/


~You can also take an “Energetic Shower.”

Given the energies swirling around now, some of the basic energy management practices demonstrate their worth. This one’s good to consider for your morning and before bedtime practices to start and end your day.

For this, simply envision yourself under a Divine Love & Light energy or imaginal shower or lovely, gentle waterfall, with a clear and mindful intention to ‘hose off’ and transmute toxic or otherwise unhelpful energies with a clean vibe energy stream.

So basic, but — as with Grounding practices — there’s a reason it’s a foundational practice. As with much energy work, clarity of focus and intention are key.

The Water element is also associated with the kidneys, and the emotion of fear, in particular. Something to be aware of, and remember that fear arises to be acknowledged and cleansed — it’s a sign, not a perpetual state to live in, and we’re all releasing conditioning around this at this time.


~Water Blessing and Blessed Water

This notion and practice was given a boost in more recent times by the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto’s images and studies of the effects of positive or negative vibrations (words, etc.) on water crystals.

Based on his work as well as eons long traditions of prayer and blessing, speak or write blessings and other ‘high vibration’ words to bless a glass, bottle, or pitcher of water that you can then drink and use for other rituals and purposes. You can add flower essences, too, if you wish.

Not surprisingly, some of the highest vibration words and effects noted in Dr. Emoto’s work included “Love, Gratitude, Thank You, I love you”, blessing … you get the gist? These same words we can feel the vibration within ourselves. By blessing the water before use we are blessing ourselves with good, healing energy.

See More Information on Dr. Emoto: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html

~Crystals & Stones For Empaths~


These are just a few of the ways that Water is our ally as move through the world as Empaths and Energy Sensitives, prioritizing the self care and inner guidance that helps us to more effectively share our gifts with the world and fulfill our purpose amidst the chaotic energies of these transformative times.

You’ll find some additional ideas (and two other links) in my earlier articles on Empaths here: Empath Guidance & Tools

Feel Yourself Being Energetically Cleansed and Rejuvenated At The End Of Every Session.

A Quote Many Empaths May Resonate With: “I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living.”

~ Anais Nin

received_858003647632288Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey.


Source Credits: http://sophias-children.com/2013/07/15/energy-for-empath-sensitives-working-with-water/

Dr. Axe

Earth Energy Healings

6 thoughts on “~EMPATHS- Working With The Element Of Water To Calm and Clear Your Energy and Nervous System~

  1. After reading what you wrote, im gonna start believing my mother alot more. Everything you wrote about the water healing us in many fields she has mentioned to me… Thank You TIffany Stiles May the universe always work in your favor… Blessed be


  2. Thank you so much for entering my life Metaphysically~ at this time I definitely feel a super strong shift in the universe and my life as a whole, thanks for the guidance on my journey. If it wasn’t for you I would not really know what to do or expect with the much needed life shifting energy I am going through at this time. I am staying super positive and asked for 3 things from the universe, I now posses the courage to have my wishes sent my way. I love your posts so much, they are a God send!! Thank you again. Love Light Peace and Happiness!!


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