~Flower/Color Oracle Message~

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~Flower-Color Oracle Message~πŸŒΌπŸƒπŸŒΉ

Look at the photo. Allow your intuition to guide you to the image that is holding a message for you. Allow the beautiful color of the flower to draw you in. (List your color in the comments section).

{Please feel free to share}πŸŒΈπŸƒπŸŒΉ



If you chose violet it holds this message:
MESSAGE: As spirit prepares your inner vision, become aware of the images and pictures they are showing you. Using your psychic gifts, you can accurately interpret what you see.

When you close your eyes and focus on the area between them, your Third Eye, you may see colors or pictures, this is your Spiritual team of helpers that we all have, trying to communicate with you. With regular meditation and quiet times, these visions will increase and become clearer. πŸ˜‡



If you chose blue it holds this message for you:

MESSAGE: Feel a clearing of your throat and ear canals, preparing you to receive and communicate any messages for the highest good of everyone you meet today, with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

Allow yourself quiet times, so you can listen to the messages of love, guidance, and encouragement. Process these messages, and when the time is right for you, you can use this information accordingly. Make notes, so you can refer to the messages at a later date if you need to.



If you chose red/orange it holds this message for you:

MESSAGE: To feel completely present in your body, connect with Mother Earth. Walk barefoot on the soil and draw on her beautiful energies.

If you feel like your head is spinning and you are not present in your own body, then you need grounding. Walk around barefoot on the earth, or stamp your feet on the ground, to bring yourself back! Call all of your energies back into your body, as you do, ask that spirit cleanse, clear and polarize them, to feel whole once more.
How To Ground Yourself:



If you chose pink it holds this message for you:

MESSAGE: To establish healthy relationships with others, you have to completely love yourself. Open your heart and let the love flow, unconditionally.

Everything starts with you! Love yourself first! When you love yourself, you allow others to love you too. Open your arms and your heart, receiving love is as important as giving it!


Much, love, light and blessings to you. πŸ’œβœ¨πŸ˜‡


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