~Characteristics Of A Strong Woman~

Shout Out To All The Strong Women Out There! 😘 WHY ARE MEN SO INTIMIDATED BY STRONG WOMEN? We Are Amazing Creatures! 1.) Strong women are on a mission. Expect the mission to be an important theme in the relationship. Both will be equally important to her but don’t make her choose. 2.) Strong women … Continue reading ~Characteristics Of A Strong Woman~

~Signs You Met Your Twin Flame Soul Mate~

~SIGNS YOU'VE MET YOUR TWIN FLAME SOUL MATE~🔥👬🔥 You feel a strange, inexplicable sense of “recognition” when you meet the person. This might manifest itself as déjà vu, or an unshakable feeling that you’ve known this person before, or are somehow “meant to be together.” You have a feeling that they are going to play … Continue reading ~Signs You Met Your Twin Flame Soul Mate~

Twin FLAME~ What To Expect When You Meet Yours~

~What To Expect When You Meet Your Twin FLAME~🔥 As we all know, A Twin flame relationship is not all ‘perfect’, as one might expect, especially in the beginning, usually the first few years. After reading or hearing about Twin Flames and their perfectly balanced energies, many people think it would be like a fairy … Continue reading Twin FLAME~ What To Expect When You Meet Yours~

~Universal Divine Source Oracle Message~

~UNIVERSAL DIVINE SOURCE ORACLE MESSAGE~💫🌠💫 Look at the photo. Let your intuition guide you to a Universal Divine Source message for you today. There are key words to trigger your Intuitive guidance to the message waiting for you. 💫 (List your choice in the comments section). {Feel free to share}🌠💫 ~SIGNS~ [ FOLLOW THE SIGNS … Continue reading ~Universal Divine Source Oracle Message~


~EMERGING LIGHT~✨💖😇 You are transforming outdated beliefs, situations, relationships, thoughts, and feelings that no longer serve your higher purpose or fuel your life. As such, a more luminous expression of your soul's light is now shining through you. This soulful light allows you to align with your higher purpose and feel more like your true … Continue reading *~EMERGING LIGHT~*

~Flower/Color Oracle Message~

~Flower-Color Oracle Message~🌼🍃🌹 Look at the photo. Allow your intuition to guide you to the image that is holding a message for you. Allow the beautiful color of the flower to draw you in. (List your color in the comments section). {Please feel free to share}🌸🍃🌹 ~VIOLET~ If you chose violet it holds this message: … Continue reading ~Flower/Color Oracle Message~

~Energy Report- December 5th, 2015

Dear Beautiful Souls! Here is the December 5th Energy Report©. Copied here for easier reading and link access. If sharing, please share in its entirety. Thank you. The energy has very strong psychic overtones to it and natural healers (Empaths) will be on high alert today for healing opportunities! The energy today is of 'spiritual energy of … Continue reading ~Energy Report- December 5th, 2015

Here’s To Your Health & Wellness

~Here's To Your Health & Wellness~ On the page link below you will find my health & wellness page & information for health of the mind, body & spirit. All links provided are from holistic and homeopathic sources and Doctors. https://m.facebook.com/Heres-to-Your-Health-Wellness--364301560387516/