~Vibrational Energy Oracle Reading

Look at the photo. Which one are you drawn to for a vibrational energy reading from Universal Divine Source?
(List your number in the comments section)
{Please feel free to share}đŸ’«đŸŒ 
~ONE- COSMIC PROSPERITY~ Accept and believe in what is being given to you at this time. Take this cosmic energy and do something great with it. The more you give, the more you receive – but you already know that. With this prosperity comes divine responsibility. Be prepared to receive and accept. Always be in the place of the higher good of mankind!
~TWO- AS ABOVE SO BELOW~ This is known as the Heaven and Earth card because whatever exists in Heaven, can and does exist here on Earth. It is our perception on how we interact with ourselves here on Earth, and whether we have faith to believe. This vibration is found both in air and earth and so the two should be in balance. Have a foot in both worlds and create your own equilibrium.
~THREE- CREATIVE EXPLOSION~ It is time to release and set free your creative vibration. Whatever you choose to experience is appropriate and well timed. It is part of the quest you are encountering and engaging with at this moment in your life. Open this up and watch as your world explodes in front of your eyes bringing forth an amazing transformation.


~Love, Light & Blessings!~

❀ Tiffany



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