If you chose this weeping Willow tree, it holds a special message for you. Willow is a magical and healing tree. It’s name literally means “convolution,” and there is a convolution of energies associated with it. It stimulates an energy of healing on many levels, especially in the areas of herbology and aromatherapy. And its meanings to us are often multidimensional. There is rarely a single message from Willow. It is always multiple and many layered. Willow awakens flexibility and encourages many avenues of exploration when it appears as a messenger. It alerts us to powerful opportunities for communication, and it has ties to all deities of other worlds and other traditions. The Willow tree is associated with the goddess Brigid of Celtic mythology, and Willow’s spirit can help us invoke and align with those energies. It is also linked to Orpheus who brought to Greece the teachings of music and Nature and magic. Willows also awaken clairaudience – hearing of Spirit. In Europe are tales of travelers being frightened at night while walking through the woods. They made claims of willow tree spirits following behind them, muttering in their ears. When the gift of clairaudience first begins to awaken, the sounds are like a soft muttering. Willow makes one of the very best dowsing tools. This is partly due to Willow’s strong connection to water. Just carrying a piece of Willow in your pocket can make you more sensitive. When you are near a water source, you will feel that piece of Willow. For some people it vibrates. For others, it gets warm or cool, but there is always a response from it around water. Wands made from it are powerfully effective for wish-making and all water magic. When properly worked with in meditation and magic, willow wands and staffs help us realize the very intimate link between our thoughts and external events in our life. Willow alerts us to new opportunities to learn and explore. It encourages a flexibility of thought, and its energies. Willow is associated with an awakening of the feminine energies, of going into the darkness of the womb and activating greater expression of them. Its spirit opens “night” vision, or vision of that which has always been hidden or obscured. It reminds us to use the rhythms of the Moon to look for dream messages of importance. Willow always stimulates great dream activity. And her message always involves learning to trust our inner visions.
If you chose the Pine tree, it holds a special message for you. Balance strength and softness; emotional protection and healing. The Pine tree has great mysticism as well. The Pine tree was the Sacred Tree of Mithra. It also has ties to the Dionysian energies and mysteries. It is balancing to the emotions, and it awakens the divine spark, which resides within the heart chakra for true salvation as divined through Occult and Gnostic Christianity. Pine comes from a word that translates as “pain,” and its essence helps alleviate pain within on many levels. It was also a tree sacred to Poseidon, who helped make its essence cleansing and protective against all forms of negative magic. The Pine helps to repel evil.
If you chose the Palm tree, it holds a special message for you. The Palm tree symbolizes: Honor, Truth, Value, Vitality, Warmth, Fertility, Expansion, Protection, Aspiration, Attainment, Unification, Resurrection, Singleness of Purpose in Alchemical Traditions, the Palm tree is a symbol of androgyny as it possesses the perfect integration of both male and female attributes. This is an alchemical achievement – to be wholly, pristinely balanced – equally united with polarity. As dream symbols, palm trees symbolize our ability to rise above conflict and spread our light brilliantly – letting it shine over the din of petty concerns – rising above disillusionment like the sun itself. Palms in dreams may also be a message for us to resurrect aspects of ourselves. In resurrecting these parts, we become a more whole entity.
If you chose the mighty Oak tree, it will hold a special message for you. Sitting with an Oak tree will soothe the nervous system and help you solve some knotty problems. It will bring deep calm and the will to survive. TheBach flower remedy Oak can be taken by those who are struggling and fighting strongly and constantly in their daily lives, or desperately trying to overcome an illness. It will bring renewed strength and courage to any situation and restore faith, so that you can go ahead and aim for what you want in life. People needing Oak are usually strong and determined people, hard workers who will not complain and who will work relentlessly without a holiday. Sometimes this can be seen in mothers, who look after the family without a break and never admit to being overworked or under stress. Their enormous contribution is not always recognized or compensated. This is partly the oak-type fault, as they feel an inner reluctance to appear weak in the eyes of others, and are worried about becoming dependent, and so do anything rather than ask others for help. Taking the Bach flower remedy will soften this attitude and bring new vitality, easing tension and bringing a more easy-going element to life.
I have always loved trees. I love walking through the forest, and sitting under trees to meditate and connect with their energy. I love the way tree’s leaves and pine needles catch the light, rustle in the wind, and I love the incredible wisdom and healing that trees have to give. Trees really are magical. They are Divine wisdom keepers on Earth. Like all living things, trees carry a specific energy frequency, or vibration. The vibration of trees is much slower, deeper, and more patient than most living creatures. Trees ground Divine light into the physical, are vessels of sacred earth energy, and they have a long history of inclusion in spirituality, healing, and sacred ceremonies for humanity. The vibration of trees resonates with a feeling of security, stability, and safety. Because trees are so firmly anchored to the Earth, they’re wonderful teachers of grounding. Just walking under them, or placing your hands upon them will work wonders to help you ground and center your energy. By just looking at a tree you can start to notice there is something special about them. Trees stand tall and remain present despite whatever turbulence is happening around them. With their limbs and their leaves they reach up towards the light while simultaneously with their roots they reach deep down into the Earth. The trunk of the tree is a clear channel for Divine frequency to flow. Trees are clear channels of the sacred, positive energy of the earth, and of the Divine light of the Heavens above. Trees are patient and willing teachers who will help you learn to remain centered and grounded, while reaching up towards the Heavens and allowing Divine light to flow through. For this reason, spending time with trees, (whether you choose to hug them or not) will help you to receive healing, balancing, and grounding just by being in their presence. When you are in the presence of a tree your energy can actually merge with that of the tree for a moment, which will have an incredibly positive effect on your energy.
~*Love & Light*~

One thought on “~Tree Oracle Message ~

  1. Out Here, In Central Victoria, Australia , I have a Small Acreage of 6 Acres , It Is Harsh Rough Land & On It is what we call Bush , mainly covered in Eucalyptus Tree Regrowth .This land was cut out many yrs ago but there remains 3 Very Old very Large Eucalyptus , I Often Hug These Tree’s When I Feeling Down . Amazingly I Can “Feel ” an Energy , I talk to them , Apologize for What Has Happened to the Air , they way they have been treated , & ask 4 they’re Guidance . I usually Cry after this , but “Feel” a Sense of Relief after …..:)


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