“Important encounters are planned by the Soul long before the bodies see each other.” ~Paulo Coelho~

To understand this reality you must think of yourself as a soul having a human experience. You have lived many lifetimes over as a soul incarnating into a physical body specifically to learn challenging life lessons that are learned through emotions and pain. This, you chose for your personal soul growth in each lifetime you have lived. Before we chose to come here in this lifetime we made many soul contracts with many other souls. These are the people who are in your life in the past, present and future as romantic relationships, siblings, parents, friends, work relationships and simple acquaintances. You will see that you either chose a blessing with these contracts or lessons. You will also learn that nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to learn. Soul contracts and karmic soul contracts are not easy to break free from. It’s a contract for a lesson to be learned. This is not one you can just cut the etheric cord on and be free. First you must learn the karmic lessons held within it, heal it and then it can be lovingly released and the etheric cord cut, only after the process is complete. Even though an etheric cord may be cut halting energy exchange, it doesn’t mean this person ceases to exist in your life. Many times a soul contract remains for an entire lifetime to present different lessons at different periods in your life that you both chose before you got here.

The familiarity you have upon meeting someone new, but feel an innate connection like you’ve known them all of your life or you recall knowing them in a past life is a soul contract that was made between two souls long before you met in the physical body you presently inhabit. Sometimes soul contracts are made many lifetimes over. Sometimes a soul contract is held as you incarnate in a physical body here on Earth and a contract with a soul remains in the spirit realm as a spirit guide to you. Sometimes you will have a soul contract with someone else on earth as in a spouse, family member, friend, etc…and one of you chooses to exit this lifetime before the other. This soul contract remains intact and the Soul who exits continues to be your guide or guardian angel in the spirit realm.

Do you recall at times in your life there happened to be someone who shows up in your life at the exact moment you need them? They are a blessing, seem to be an angel sent from the Divine to assist you, comfort you during a difficult time and are there for you until this time is healed. Then suddenly they exit as their purpose at that time has run its course. There is also a lesson held within these relationships because when it ends it can be painful as you’ve grown fond of this person and you’ve come to depend on them for comfort in your times of need. The lesson is, you are stronger than you know and you now can be your own source of comfort during difficult times. You may remain in contact with this person, but it is on a distinctly different level.

There are some sibling and parental soul contracts that are dysfunctional, toxic and abusive. Know you both chose this as a karmic soul contract to teach and learn from each other. The roles may have been reversed in a previous lifetime and you were the giver of the dysfunction, toxicity and abuse. There is a lot of pain and suffering in these relationships that lasts for many years. The harder the lesson learned and the more painful the experience you chose is for monumental soul growth in this lifetime. Some of these relationships are the best experiences of your life. They are supportive, loving, caring. If so, the karmic wheel has been healed in this lifetime you chose to enjoy each other’s company in a functional and supportive manner.



Romantic relationships hold the same meaning as far as soul contracts go. We are all mirrors to one another to learn from and to teach one another what changes need to occur for soul growth. As you progress on the karmic learning wheel of lessons learned through relationships, the quicker you are able to see the lesson held within each relationship you encounter. The quicker you move through one lesson you move on to the next. As you continue this process you receive soul growth. Your vibrational frequency increases and you begin to progress forward moving with the flow of your life and why you came here.

Relationships have become a hot topic through these energetic shifts we are encountering. Some are ending abruptly. Some that weren’t dysfunctional suddenly are. You are seeing a push/pull type of repelling occuring that wasn’t there before. As a reader of auras, energy, vibration and frequency, I can see there is a specific vibrational frequency attached to each person based on their dominant aura color tied to personality and soul purpose. (Graphic below) Red being the lowest vibrational frequency and slowest moving vibration on the spectrum to violet being the highest vibrational and fastest moving frequency on the spectrum. The energy shifts we are experiencing now as we experience major energy shifts coming into the planet at this time are affecting the souls that resonate with a violet, indigo, blue, pink or green aura. Each being on their own level of spiritual growth and progression. These shifts aren’t affecting orange, yellow or red auras because their vibration is not a match at this time to receive the higher vibrational frequencies that are coming in. They do not feel energy and are not sensitive to it. They are here now for a different reason and purpose. It is not one of spiritual growth and truth or a raising of their own frequency. You will notice if you are of one of these aura colors mentioned above in the higher vibrational spectrum, something triggered you to begin your spiritual awakening process. If before this occurred, you were in relationships with persons of a lower vibrational aura spectrum you will begin to experience this push/pull and repelling effect in these relationships. Your vibrational frequency has begun to increase and theirs remains the same. You no longer mesh with each other and these relationships end, sometimes abruptly. This is the Universes way of moving lower vibrational people out of your field so there is room for newer vibrational energies in the form of people to enter your field and meet you where you are now. There are still lessons to be learned from these relationships as they cease to exist. This is to teach you the lesson of forgiveness and acceptance to be able to heal, release and let go of which is no longer serving your higher purpose. Every person who is here now chose to be here now for their own personal soul growth and lessons. Each having their own unique gifts and abilities. We are all vastly different from one another, but we are all one at the same time. What we do to another in a positive or negative way we do to ourselves. This is the Law of One, the Law of Attraction.

As you can see on the graphic below there are different frequencies attached to each chakra, therefore it matches that of your dominant aura tied to your personality and soul purpose. You receive and process information on your personal vibrational frequency, thus creating your own reality. This is where acceptance comes into play of one another as perceptions vary from person to person. How one processes information and acts on it specifically ties to their unique vibrational frequency. This is how arguments ensue, differing opinions come into play and people agree to disagree. This is where you will experience the push/pull repelling effect of each other. The vibrational match is not there for you to both to say, ah ha, yes, I totally get what you are saying.



You will notice now more than ever you are meeting up with your your soul mates and your twin flames and your soul families. The energy is allowing this to occur at a rapid rate now to bring like minded souls together to learn and progress from one another very quickly as the higher frequencies come in to unite the unified quantum level of consciousness as a whole into a new, higher level of vibration. In return and in conjunction with Earth raising her vibration.

Acceptance of one another is key, coming together and removing all division is key. Not getting stuck on the wheel of karma, learning the lessons held within and healing your karmic soul contracts is key. Learning to release and let go of things, places and people who are no longer serving your higher purpose is key. Beginning to stand in your authentic self and life purpose is why you came here.

Know that your Guardian Angels, God/Source, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and your Spirit Guides are here to assist you through your life’s journey. You are never alone and are always being Divinely guided on your path. Just call on them in your time of need. They are there in a blink of your eye.


Blessings, love and light on your continued journey. 😇💖✨


By: Tiffany Stiles



4 thoughts on “~Soul Contracts~

  1. It is such a relief to read in print what I have come to believe on my own from many different experiences and things I have been reading since I was a child. Multiple life experiences have confirmed them to be true. One ex husband was terrified by some of these things, particularly my premonotory dream! He insisted it was bs until I started writing & drawing these dreams in a notebook, then showed it to him when one very vividly explained occurrence came to be. He turned pale as he read it & knew it was written months before. He refused to ever talk about any of it again!
    It wasn’t until I married a Native American that I knew his name & that we would be together well over a year before we actually met, that I had a soulmate that I could openly discuss my beliefs with. You see, almost all native tribes believe in exactly what you have written. I then accidentally discover that my Grandmother was Lakota. She grew up in a time when you didn’t let anyone know if you could pass for white. I believe this is where my innate beliefs originated.
    I am glad to have discovered this blog.


  2. Wow thank you. That tells me then! Sigh. Recently i was told in no uncertain terms during a kindof channeling that I am Navaho! Not quite sure how to follow this up. This huuuuuuge chief said never forget that you are Navaho!


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