In Order To Give Your Best To Others You Must Take Care Of Yourself💜


(With Love & Compassion)💜

Archangel Ariel: Self love is a prerequisite for receiving love from others and from the Universe. While treating others with love and compassion comes naturally to you, remember to treat yourself with the same respect and kindness. Immense self love is not selfish, nor is it vain, self love allows you to overflow love to others, and contribute far more than you could without the strong foundation self love brings.

There’s no need for drastic changes or alterations to your life at this time, just take a few more steps every day to nurture yourself. Give yourself permission to relax, play, and engage in activities strictly for fun, relaxation, enjoyment and to nurture yourself. Practice monitoring your thoughts and release harsh judgments and negative self talk with positive affirmations which will help you to feel good about who you are. You are a beautiful and unique seed of the Divine who is worthy of love from the entire universe and from your self!

Crystal for Connecting with Love: Rose Quartz


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