~Guardian Angel Oracle~

~Guardian Angel Oracle~


Our Guardian Angels have specific ways of communicating with us and ways in which they make their presence known. Look at the photo and let your intuition guide you to the image that is holding a message for you today from your Guardian Angels.
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~ONE~ If you chose this image the angels want you to know they’ve been communicating with you through music. If you hear a song that was a favorite of a loved one passed they are letting you know they are with you now, giving you peace and comfort during a difficult time. You are supported and loved in the comforting wings of your angels.
~TWO~ When you find a feather it is your angels giving you a message that you are supported, loved and watched over. Your angels see that you’ve been over loading yourself and perhaps taking too many things on at this time, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Your angels say, it’s time to lighten the load and give yourself some loving care. Or perhaps you’ve been taking things too seriously and your angels say lighten up a bit, taking life too seriously steals your joy. Book a massage, a nice spa day, buy something new for yourself, get your hair done. Do something for you today as you’ve been giving too much of yourself to others. Your angels love you and will help you ease your burdens when you call upon them.
~THREE~ Your Guardian Angels would like you to know when you find dimes or pennies the message is you are valued, loved and watched over. Your luck is about to change for the better! Your angels are wishing for you abundance in all areas of your life including health. This was one sign, and your angels say be on the look out for more synchronicities in your life. You can pick up the coin or leave it for someone else. Just be sure to thank your angels for their message. And be sure to call on them when you need a sign or guidance. Your angels are always willing to assist when you call upon them.
~FOUR~ If you chose the flower the angels want you to know that when you’ve noticed a familiar scent they used to wear they are near you now. The scent of flowers or roses is a typical scent the angels use to get your attention, however they will also send you a whiff of their favorite cologne or perfume as well. Your Angels are saying that they see you’re lacking joy and fun in your life and it’s time to stop and smell the roses, while having some fun and adding joy back into your life!! Laughter heals all that ails you. Laugh and smile knowing your angels are lining up a fun little synchronicity for you in the very near future. You may receive a phone call from family or friends inviting you to a fun function, so go out and buy yourself a new outfit and get ready for the fun to begin!!
Love, Light & Angel Blessings
~Tiffany 😇✨💝
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