Look at the photo. Which Goddess are you Drawn to for a personal message? (List your number in the comments section) Let me know if your message resonates. {Feel Free to Share}
1.) GODDESS ATHENA~Goddess of war and wisdom~  The message Athena holds for you:
If you chose this Goddess it is telling you these are your strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: Rational, intelligent, a powerful defender and arbitrator. Weaknesses: Too ruled by her head and out of touch with her emotions and feminine side. Unapproachable and lacking in compassion. The Message Athena Has For You: The Warrior: If you are drawn to work with this Goddess you may require her Warrior spirit to help you to stand up for your rights and set firm personal boundaries. This Goddess can be a great stereotype to work with if you want to take control in your life, and wish to no longer play the role of the victim. You may also wish to call upon this Goddess to champion the cause of others. Conversely this Goddess may appeal to you if you have a very strong sense of self and are proud of the victories you have achieved. The shadow side of this Goddess may be asking you to reflect honestly on the cost of these victories. Have they been at the expense of others or your principles? The Diplomat/Peacemaker To have the Diplomat as one of you main archetypes you do not have to be a diplomat by profession. However you must have a life-long commitment to resolving disputes and bringing people together. This can often occur within families where one member of the family is constantly trying to keep the peace and the family together. Check you are not stepping into this Archetype’s shadow by asking yourself if it is you who will benefit most from the outcome you are steering the different sides towards? The Teacher/ Inventor: This Archetype may suggest a love of passing on wisdom and learning to others. This Goddess wise counsel can also be called upon to help you see a way through any present difficulties or to help you to master a new skill. The shadow aspect of this stereotype is also a reminder that whenever we find ourselves in a teaching or mentoring role we must aim to be a positive role model, encouraging others to reach their full potential.
2.) GODDESS GAIA~ The Greek Goddess of the Earth ~ The message Gaia holds for you:
 The Mother is a life-giver and the source of nurturing, devotion, patience and unconditional love. The ability to forgive and provide for her children and put them before herself is the essence of a good mother. The Message Goddess Gaia Holds For You: It is not necessary to be a biological mother to have this Archetype. It can refer to anyone who has a lifelong pattern of nurturing and devotion to living things. You are exhibiting the features of the shadow Mother if you smother your children and are over protective. Encourage independence and allow children to make mistakes but be available to give care and advice when it’s needed. Call upon the great fertility Goddess if you are trying to get pregnant or want to benefit from the wisdom of the Greek Goddess of the Earth.
3.) GODDESS ISIS ~ The Egyptian Goddess~ The Message Isis holds for you:
The Mother: You are exhibiting the features of the shadow Mother if you smother your children and are over protective. Encourage independence and allow children to make mistakes but be available to give care and advice when it’s needed. The other shadow Mother is the one that abandons her children, or is so busy that she has no time for nurturing her young. The Witch: The Witch maybe one of your Archetypes can if you have the gift of understanding how to transform situations, influence people, and make your visions and dreams a reality. The Shadow Witch reminds you not to use these abilities to gain power over others as this is not magic but sorcery.
4.) GODDESS CERRIDWIN~ ( Cerridwen’s name is derived from the Celtic word “cerru,” meaning cauldron. Like the Goddess herself, the cauldron symbolizes the transformative power of magic, wisdom, rebirth and creative inspiration.)The message Cerridwin holds for you:
The Crone: This maybe one of your Archetypes if you have gained wisdom, learning from your mistakes and showing a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances.
You are experiencing the Crone’s shadow if you have become rigid in your beliefs and have become stuck in a rut having lost all ability to let those areas of your life go that no longer serve you. The shape-shifter is a useful archetype to have if you need to be flexible or perform lots of different roles.The shadow side asks whether your chameleon like tendencies reflect a deep insecurity and inability to
commit to any particular path.

Much, love, light and blessings on your continued journey. Tiffany

Article Source: http://www.goddess-guide.com/goddess-names.html

Embrace Your Inner Goddess 💞🌷💞

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