I’ve had people message me and ask: “How do I let go of someone? It’s been years and I just can’t seem to let him/her go.” When we develop a relationship with anyone an etheric cord is created between us and them. This cord allows the transference of energy going back and forth constantly keeping us connected energetically to one another.


If you are connected etherically to an energy vampire, a person who abuses alcohol or drugs, someone who plays victim constantly you will feel your energy drained on a daily basis! These are the cords that need cut etherically to stop this energy transfer. Know that when you cut a cord it doesn’t mean a relationship comes to an end, it simply means the energy exchange halts!


 Through these energy shifts we are experiencing these types of energies. e Etheric cords are becoming more active bringing all relationships to the surface. You may feel overwhelmed by it surfacing all at once, and you are literally exhausted! Before you cut a cord it is important to reflect on this relationship and realize the lessons taught and learned within it. We are all mirrors to one another. We reflect back to ourselves the change that needs to take place by what we say to one another in a negative manner. Reflect and realize the lesson learned. Each relationship is a teacher to us. Once it is learned we progress forward in a more positive light surrounding ourselves with the right people in our circle. 

If you are still attracting the wrong people in your life, this is the vibration you are sending out and attracting back by how you feel within. Whoever shows up in your life is a mirror of what you are sending out. If you’re feeling unworthy, depressed, angry, needy, anxious – the doorbell rings and in steps an exact vibrational match to that, in the form of a person. This will obviously result in a dysfunctional relationship.


If you are feeling peace within, you are standing in your purpose, you’re happy, you’re full of love and light – your doorbell rings for a match. Like attracts like. Listed below is a cord cutting exercise you can do on your own to release anyone who is holding you back from your higher purpose. 

How to Cut the Etheric Cords With Another

The reason why people cut cords with others is to generally move on from a person and let them go energetically – this means on an energy level. People who we are close to form energetic bonds with us that resemble cords of energy that link one person to the other. These are etheric cords, so think of ether as a kind of energy. Those who have seen the cords (and often we can see them in meditation for example) describe them as dark in colour. The bonding itself can be light with just a slim cord, or you can be corded heavily with another through your chakras and can have multiple thick cording that literally shows your attachment, either mentally, emotionally, sexually, or all of the above.

Corded CoupleOf course, when you care about another, the cording is not a problem. The cords act as a way we send and receive psychic energy between charkras, theirs and ours. The more energy we send, the bigger the cords, and this is normal in any relationship. Communication between chakras is how a lot of communication happens between people. However, when we want to let someone go because we aren’t moving on, the cords and the continuing psychic/energy communication between them and us can hold us back. Luckily there are easy ways to remove the cords; no cord is meant to be forever. Whether cords reform again is entirely up to us, but when we are ready to let someone go, we probably won’t go to the effort of reforming the psychic ties any longer.

Symptoms of heavy cording include:

  • Unable to move on
  • Unable to stop thinking or obsessing about a person
  • Frequent conversations in your mind with a person
  • Frequently remembering what they said in the past, feeling their ongoing judgment or criticism
  • Arguments, sometimes daily in your mind with someone (these can be actual psychic arguments)
  • Constant memories or emotions that arise – i.e. we used to watch that show together
  • Temptation to go back to a relationship that does not serve you
  • Stalking another online through social networking, watching them compulsively
  • Unable to sleep, or endless processing of the past
  • Deep feelings of sadness, anger, and depression around the past
  • Feelings of wanting to get revenge, or constantly aware of unfair treatment
  • Crying a whole lot, an emotional wreck
  • Turning down other offers and invitations, stuck in the past, feeling uninterested.

The Process of Cord Cutting

MichaelCord cutting is done in conjunction with our loving Angels and Spirit Guides, who surgically remove the etheric cords that bind, cutting them completely from our auric field. Whilst it is our angels who do the work for us of cutting and removing, our job is to ASK them to do so. We can’t just assume our angels ‘know’ we want our cords cut. Angels cannot intervene unless we invite them to do so, therefore we must actually ask or invoke our angels and guides into action. Fortunately this is very easy to do and takes no time at all.

Simply say the following words or a version of them with intent.

I ask my angels and spirit guides to help me in this task. I wish to free myself for all eternity from ___(name)___ so that both of us may go free from ties that bind and all energy attachments from the past. It is time to move past the experiences we have shared. I am thankful for what I have learned and lessons given, but this attachment is no longer needed and is holding me back and affecting my ‘now’.

With power I now ask for all cords to be cut, for all energetic cords physically connecting the two of us to be removed, dissolved, transmuted and cut free, and all energy to be returned to the original sender.

It is my intention that no more energy attachments hook onto me from ___(name)___.  With forgiveness and peace I release them to move away from me and move on whilst I do the same.

I now call upon Archangel Michael to use his mighty blue sword (or Sananda, Saint Germaine, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary) to surround me and cut away the cords and give me protection. I ask that this be complete and sealed NOW. Please cleanse my aura of negative energy and emotions, and seal it with love. Amen.


Spend a few minutes after repeating these words just quietly sitting and breathing calmly whilst your angels work on your energy to remove the etheric cords and hooks. You may notice a shift in your energy at once or you may not, it does not matter. Know that any sensations or warmth you feel during this process is completely safe, please surrender to it and have faith, for this is being performed for you now. You might want to offer up any other prayers or invitations to the angels for help in your life.

A good time to use this invocation is just before going to sleep. You can use it as often as you wish, on as many people also that you wish to release from you. It will begin to work immediately as long as you do not reform an attachment to them again. You might ask: Why do the angels want to do this for me. Answer: Because they love you and that is all.

I hope this works for you, this is a loving gift from your angels. Blessings on your journey.

*Article source credits: Click Here!

Happy Cord Cutting! Love, light and blessings on your continued journey.


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