By: Tiffany Stiles


Christ Consciousness hidden riddle of prayer:

This Prayer is much more about accepting than about asking. In the first two words, “Our Father” Jesus describes Gods’ relationship to us, our relationship to Him/Her, and our relationship to each other. In this we hear him saying that we and ‘Our Creator’ are all one. We are one family and of one spirit, who is Christ.

The Lord’s Christed Prayer compassionately presents three different levels of awareness; to be experienced as physical beings, as creators and as Christs. Physically we survive. As creators we accept responsibility. As Christs “we and Our Father are one”

The words “Our Father” merge our identity with God’s and with each
other. “Who Art in Heaven” directs us to look within. “Holy is your name”, tells us to speak and listen to God within us. The relationships between these attunements and our chakras instructs us to look, speak and listen to our sacred heart and within the Seat of our Soul, which is also often referred to as the Cave of Brahma. Of course God is everywhere, in everything, but our third-eye and heart chakra are where God is most accessible to us. If you will pray, speak to God and meditate listening to God while focusing with this intent, and within these two chakras, you may have this divine experience.

As we do this it is helpful to be mindful that our purpose is not to inform God; as God already knows. Our purpose is to exercise, develop and strengthen our intention to commune with Our Creator who is our true Christed Self.


This prayer is about us, about how the Light creates us like rainbows, with eight different levels called chakras. It’s also about how we ascend through these chakras. This empowering instruction is clearly revealed by how the eight attunments of The

Lord’s Prayer, our eight chakras and the original roots of Yoga all beautifully align and agree to enhance our understanding of our true Christed Self.

I pulled the above information from a very enlightening site (thesameprogram.com) to set up this article and explain the Lord’sPrayer.

While Jesus walked earth as a young boy he disappeared for eighteen years, it is said. He was thought to have retreated to the Himalayan mountains to meditate and receive the wisdom and teachings from God. He was fully activated at this time with his gifts intact. He was heart centered and balanced and carried the vibration of only love and light within, and shared this gift with everyone he met. He touched them with his grace and Divinity.


Our Divine knowledge is held within each of us attached to our Higher Selves and God/Source/Christ Consciousness as we all already have the God Particle within us. This he knew and merged his physical with the Divine Source of God and the All Knowing. Everything was given to him through Universal Source; the universal laws, sacred geometry, instant manifesting, ascension, merkabah activation and how this ties one with the crystalline Earth. He was taught how to miraculously heal the sick through the Universal Divine Source and accompany that with the plants, fruits, nuts and herbs that God placed here upon creating the planet. He knew these things held the high vibration of earth within them to heal us.


God/Source sent Jesus here in the physical to show us the way, physically and esoterically how the ascension process works. How to BE while in the physical vessel that our soul inhabits. He was birthed through Mother Mary in a higher dimensional reality and “just appeared” thus, exhibiting immaculate conception. He stood in his Divine Purpose and spoke his truth. He, through his extremely high vibration manifested instantaneous healings and physical things such as bread and wine to feed the hungry. This because he dwelled on the 9th dimension of awareness at that time. Instant manifesting naturally occurs in this dimension. He had the ability to stand physically in this 3D density while shifting in and out of inter-dimensional reality. He was an inter-dimensional being and still is. He was crucified for his ways not understood and feared, and rose again on the third day in body, showing us the spirit/soul never dies, but is eternal and infinite. He showed physically how to ascend to make an important imprint on that process. The ascension process is simply shifting from one dimensional reality to another. When one ascends to a higher dimension, the lower vibrational dimensions below it are not visible to those dwelling in it, as it is not a vibrational match, therefore it cannot be seen until you match that frequency and meet it. Jesus is an Ascended Master because of this process and is showing us the way. When rising again he showed rising above (and raising within) the body with the Soul still intact. There isn’t a death that needs to occur of the physical body, is what he showed. It was symbolism of the dying of ego. When death occurs of our ego selves this process is set in motion to happen.


Christ returning means simply realizing this truth and knowing that Christ and God already dwell within us. We embody the God Particle within, it is encoded in your DNA imprint and this knowing held within your Akashic record. Everything you need to know already lies within yourself. This knowing and guidance is always readily available to you as it is connected to your higher self. When we complete this process we are the embodiment of Christ Consciousness and this IS the return of Christ. This in turn unifies the collective consciousness on a global scale, the planetary Merkabah also united again. We Are ONE, and the powers that be who have kept humans and this planet shackled in false teachings, fear the day each and everyone of us realizes the true Divine power we all hold within ourselves. When we all realize We Are One and the unified field of collective consciousness merges, activating the planetary merkabah and returning Earth to her Divine template, and us along with her to 5D.



As Jesus being one of our Ascended Masters is here to help each and every person to reach their own ascension, just call on him and he is here in the blink of your eye for guidance.

Archangel Raziel also gifts us with the knowledge of Sacred Geometry to help us understand this complex topic. Call on Archangel Raziel, he is also here in the blink of your eye to assist you when needed.



~Love, Light and Blessings to you as you continue on your journey-Tiffany~💜




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  1. I love the fact it is a common collective understanding ”Christ consciousness” is a rich achievement for all to inhabit, but I can assure you it might be something to consider that there is one to have all the characteristics and experiences which point in the direction of an individual 😉


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