Look at the photo. Which chair and scene catches your eye? Which can you see yourself sitting in right now? (List your number in the comments section) The chair you choose will hold a special message for you. 😀
~CHAIR NUMBER ONE~ If you chose this chair the message it holds for you is, it’s time to put the fun back into your life!! You may have been taking life a little too serious lately. It’s time to call up some friends for a get together to catch up and have some festive fun! By adding some child like play back into our lives it helps to brighten our mood. Being connected with good friends with laughter and enjoyment will surely put the spring back into your step!!
~CHAIR NUMBER TWO~ If you chose this chair the message it has for you is your longing for some alone time with your partner. It’s time to bring the intimacy back into your lives and rekindle the romance. Reignite that spark that initially brought you together in the first place! Things may have gotten complacent and you’re feeling a little unappreciated right now. It is important for us to remember our partners can’t read our minds and someone has to take the initiative in the relationship to get the passion back. Maybe it’s time to book a reservation for a dinner, just the two of you, or a couple’s massage, or a weekend getaway to a bed & breakfast. Get creative, being creative with getting the spark back is half the fun! Make it a fun surprise for your mate. Going the extra step will surely win you points in getting the passion in your relationship back on track.
~CHAIR NUMBER THREE~ If you chose this chair you are the life of the party!! You love color in your life and crave diversity. You love change and are a go with the flow kind of person! You love telling jokes and making people laugh! You are a mediator in your relationships with family. You don’t care for confrontation and like it when everyone is happy and getting along. If you see someone who is down you will be the one who gets them out of a rut by getting them up and at em’! Is it possible that lately you have been going through some things of your own, and you’re needing these people in your life to return the favor? A phone call is all it takes to get the ball rolling!
~CHAIR NUMBER FOUR~ If you chose this chair you are craving solitude to recharge your batteries. You are an introvert and an empath. Being by water helps calm your emotions and helps to put things back into proper perspective for you. Perhaps at this time you’ve taken on more than you can handle and your stress meter is going off? Even though your plate may be very full right now, it is imperative that you take time for yourself to recharge your batteries and give yourself some loving care. When we take care of ourselves, then we can give our best to others. This is a sign that a day of solitude is in order for you, even if it is just locking the bathroom door and having a nice spa bath, or men, perhaps some time alone in your man cave doing what brings you joy. If we don’t stop and take time for ourselves eventually the battery burns out and we burn ourselves out. Take time for you to be your best for others.

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