.Connecting the Dots.

By: Tiffany Stiles

I recently came across two very interesting articles on Atlantis. One – Edgar Cayce’s predictions and his foundation which researches the areas in the Bermuda Triangle- (Bimini) and Andros for proof of Atlantis existing.
Link below:


Two -The Poseidon Connection

The Poseidon connection is based in Greek Mythology, but, is it really a myth? We have the completed research by Edgar Cayce’s foundation showing the proof is evident. (Above link)

Poseidon Connection:

Image  Source: Google

I’m seeing a connection tie in here with the missing book of the Bible, (The Book of Enoch, pdf: (BookOfEnoch). In the Book of Enoch, which it states, angels (nephilim) descended and took to human women and mated with them, thus creating a race of giants on Earth with powers from the Divine. (short, condensed version). This most certainly would have created a major DNA mutation and manipulation in the human race. It also explains how one blood type came into existence, RH Negative. This also ties in with more physical proof that Archaeologists have discovered giant skeletons in Peru and all over the world, some 15 feet tall with red hair still intact to their skulls. DNA analysis was completed and derived that it was not of this world. This was aired on an episode of Ancient Aliens on H2 not very long ago, about four months ago from the date of this article. See link for DNA analysis findings:


Giant Skulls Found In Peru- VIDEO

Image Source: Google

This also connects to RH negative blood types. O RH negative being the rarest blood type on this planet with a mere 15% of the population carrying the RH Negative Factor. The other 85% RH positive. And the dots keep connecting…

I never really thought about blood types until I got pregnant with my first daughter thirteen years ago. My blood was tested and it was O RH negative. Therefore, I had to have Rhogam injections so my body would not attack the fetus. It was recognizing the fetus as a foreign substance and thus, building antibodies against the fetus to destroy her. There are certain things we chose before we got here as triggers, for me this was one. It started me researching blood types and learning everything I could about it. And through the years it keeps progressing with more information being released. This blood type originated 35,000 years ago in the Basque region of Spain. It is of unknown origin, and the dots keep connecting. Then a list of specific character traits tied to RH negative blood types came out with more research being completed.

Image source: Google

Characteristics of RH Negative Blood Types:…/Are-you-rh-negative-blood-t…

Characteristics that could be scientifically proven or observed:

Larger than average head size
Low blood pressure
Low pulse rate
Extra vertebrae or rib
High IQ
Heightened senses, including vision, physic abilities
Uncloneable blood
Light-colored hair, mostly red or reddish,
Light-colored eyes (blue, green, or greenish brown eyes)
Sun and heat sensitivity
Tendency toward healing professions
Body scars that cannot be explained
Frequent empathetic illnesses
Copper Based Blood – a conduit for electricity – energy, which has an effect on electronics and if one is tired or angry, they pull energy from these electronic devices. To blow out a light bulb or street lamp can be a common occurrence if emotions are not kept in check.

Secrets of RH Negative Blood Types:

After seeing this it was my Ah Ha moment! As those characteristics described me, and It resonated!

Just when I think I’m done completing my research, more pieces are constantly being added to the puzzle. There was a synchronicity that occurred today…. Atlantis- this is twice in two weeks this topic has been dropped in my lap. I was supposed to write on the topic of RH negative blood types last week. I said, I feel like I want to wait, there’s more research I feel I need to complete on it. My Intuition kicking in knowing this piece would fit into this puzzle, as it had slipped to the back of my mind, until this synchronicity today.

A few months ago during meditation, ley lines, energy vortexes and portals came to me and I was prompted once again to research this link and piece to my puzzle. Bermuda being an energy vortex that is highly magnetic, I believe connects to the energy vortex of the pyramids at Giza and other areas on the planet. This made sense at to why the planes and ships would disappear throwing their navigational instruments off and swallowing them up into this vortex of energy. During this time I was also on the kick of RH negative blood types again, as this just keeps nagging at me. During meditation I was guided to the knowing I am supposed to be here now to anchor this new coming energy specifically into this energy vortex to reconnect this ley line connection.

Image Source: Peter Champoux2010

This brings me to I have always had an affinity with Atlantis and somehow I knew it wasn’t a myth, and this synchronicity connection.
For years I’ve felt this magnetizing pull to Florida. We vacationed here many times and I never wanted to leave. It felt like home, being by the ocean felt like home, but at that time, I didn’t know why I felt this pull for several years. I was always fascinated with the Bermuda Triangle and the disappearance of so many ships and planes. I just didn’t know why at the time, it was another trigger to keep seeking to piece together this puzzle.

After moving here it felt like I was finally home. I always watch the History Channel, and another show not very long ago was describing the extreme magnetic pull in the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Triangle off of Japan’s coast, which happen to connect on a Ley Line. The same anomaly occurring of missing planes and fleets of ships. The Ley Line connection clicked while I was watching this show.

Interestingly enough, I’ve always had an affinity with Archangel Michael and Pleidians as well-Graphic below:

Image source: Google


About a year ago, I decided I was ready to connect with this past life. I needed to know my connection to it and why I kept being triggered back to this point and time. I was triggered by The Book of Enoch, RH Negative Blood Types, Giants, Nephilim, an affinity with The Angelic Realm, Atlantis, Poseidon and the Anunnaki. I went into deep meditation and asked my Guides and Angels to walk me through this life and show me what it was and what my connection to it was. I was immediately taken to Bimini Road in the Bermuda Triangle, but at this time it wasn’t below the sea, it was above ground and it looked like a virtual paradise–  It Was HUGE! Many land rings surrounded it with salt water canals in between each where grey dolphins with black spots played and jumped, but also with a seriousness of protection, and an important job to do. In the center of the land circles was a massive temple. I noticed there were very tall and large people walking about. I would call them giants compared to the human stature of today as far as height. I was guided to a massive temple of white marble with gold moldings everywhere. I was told this was one of the Temples of Healing, but there were several different temples all over serving different purposes. There were crystals everywhere, molded on pillars with gold, and on all of the statues. There were large, massive crystals laying outside on the beautifully kept grounds, and some just sticking out of hills. They shimmered in the light and sparkled with energy. In the middle of this temple was a massive clear quartz crystal from the floor to the ceiling, being about thirty feet high. When I saw this I thought to myself as above, so below. And the connection was made how these planes and ships disappeared. It is highly charged, magnetic energy in this temple and the crystals amplified it.

My Guides told me this is where people came to be healed from illness and have their bodies rejuvenated. There were separate healing rooms that were private for more complicated illnesses. This area surrounded Poseidon’s Temple. I was told only women performed the healings with crystals while the men stood guard outside to provide privacy. I was shown myself performing a healing on a woman who was with child in a healing room. I was in a white silk robe with a gold waste tie around it, without shoes on my feet. Her organs were failing and her body was attacking the fetus of the child she was carrying. She disclosed that she had mated with the God Poseidon and the fetus was not a match to her blood. She wanted me to save her and the baby. It took three days of healing but, she survived and so did the baby. At that moment I was snapped back from my regression! I was shocked when I came out of the deep meditation and it took me about a half hour to process all of this! After contemplation and putting all of the pieces together, it all made sense. My connection to crystals, Atlantis, the RH Negative Blood Types, the Giants, the connection to the Angelic Realm, the Nephilim, the Book of Enoch and the Anunnaki fit into this puzzle as well, as I had a channeled message from the Anunnaki four years ago regarding this DNA manipulation. Were they the Nephilim?


I had this message channeled to me 3 years ago: “We are the Anunnaki, we have tampered with your DNA RH negative human. We did this initially to create a slave race, but now we are sorry for this manipulation in this form. We needed your resources for our planet which was gold. We are now helping you to reactivate your spliced strands of DNA for a 12 strand upgrade, this is why you are having so many uncomfortable symptoms. It is OK, you are fine. We are correcting this wrong now. We have seen the error in our ways. You are an alien-hybrid of this galatic family.”

I was like what the heck just happened?!!! I just laid down on the couch for a nap, my body started vibrating violently from the inside out, my heart was palpitating, and my head got very light and tingly and then this channeling started. This message forever ingrained in my mind. I could feel the honest sincerity coming through the channeling. They are sorry and it brought tears to my eyes.

As Atlantis has been synchronistically dropped in my lap twice in two weeks, and then the name, Edgar Cayce today, I decided to look up his research on this, and his predictions. I decided to look for photos of what I saw in my regression. Below are what resonates with me:

Image Source: Google

I have always loved the dolphins and felt this very close connection with them as much as the angels. Last year we went as a family to Key Largo, FL specifically to swim with the dolphins. It was one of the most magical times of my life! I will never forget it. I so connected with a dolphin named Samantha. She was so sweet, but her heart ached.

Image Source: Tiffany Stiles

She wanted to be set free to spread her rainbow healing energy all throughout the oceans, not just in her little sanctuary. She loves being around humans and showing us her unconditional love and giving us her healing, happy rainbow energy. She connected with me as she knew I could understand her thoughts. She didn’t want to leave my side and disobeyed the trainer’s commands to leave me and return to the trainer. Samantha and I got a chuckle out of it. 😀 It is a time forever ingrained in my soul, many lifetimes over, and this puzzle finally complete. 💖

Image Source: Tiffany Stiles
Image Source Google

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Emerald Tablet of Thoth On Atlantis:


By: Tiffany Stiles


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