Archangel Oracle Reading


Look at the picture and choose the Archangel you are most drawn to for a special message. When selecting the Archangel let your intuition and inner guidance direct you to the one who is waiting to give you an Angel Message today.




You are Divinely protected by from any lower vibrational energies. When you call on me I will protect you, your home and your loved ones. By you selecting this card, Archangel Michael is telling you that shielding is in order for protection. Archangel Michael is the Guardian of Lightworkers and will DIVINELY intercept anything meant to cause you harm and will repel it out of your field. Archangel Michael says, call on me for Divine protection now and I will be there in the blink of your eye. Know you are Divinely protected at all times.


If you chose Archangel Zadkiel he is asking that you keep an open mind in learning new things on your spiritual path. Discerning the information you are confronted with is key to your spiritual growth. Use your inner guidance to direct you to the information that is truthful and correct. There are specific things that will be a memory “trigger” for you when evolving on your spiritual path. Archangel Zadkiel says that once you have learned, then it is time to share your knowledge to help enlighten others. This Archangel is here to assist you on your path with clear and concise communication from your heart center.


If you chose Archangel Raziel, his message to you is take your God-Given power back and use it to manifest blessings in your life!  Archangel Raziel wants you to call on him when you need a boost of personal will-power to nudge you in this direction. He says, be careful what you wish for because it will surely enter your field of reality in your future. Always keep your wishes for MANIFESTATION positive and love filled from your heart center. Archangel Raziel says, if there has been someone who has been taking away your personal will-power, now is the time to take it back and reclaim it!! Call on Raziel to assist you in regaining your personal will power.


If you chose Archangel Chamuel this Angel is helping you along on your career path. You will either have a career change tied to your Divine Soul Purpose, or you already have aligned this blessing in your life. Archangel Chamuel wants you to know that your soul purpose is encoded within your DNA, it just takes some soul searching to remember what it is. It is tied to a “service to others” career choice. If you are wondering, “Should I charge money for a service to others?” Know that this is simply an energy exchange, and for you to use your guidance from the angels to know whether you should charge money or not. There are others things that can be exchanged as energy such as their service for yours for those you assist, if you choose not to charge. But there must be some sort of energy exchange to keep the energy balanced between giving and receiving, so as to not get burnt out on your Spiritual path in service to others.

Much love, light & blessings from the angels on your continued journey

~ Tiffany 😇💖✨



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