To start your day off with Angel Blessings of guidance, love and protection here are some angel meditations to help your vibrational frequency increase to meet the angels in the Angelic Hall of Blessings. Today the angels are making their presence known with Divine Timing and Synchronicities.

You will see many signs from the Divine.

STAIRCASE OF LIGHT (Archangel Uriel)

To elevate your vibration, open to your spiritual gifts, connect with the higher realms, and infuse your life with love, I invite you to imagine a staircase of light appearing before you.

Breathe and focus within as you imagine ascending the staircase of light. Take this staircase one step at a time. Breathe in naturally, and as you exhale, imagine you are taking a step up. Consciously move up the staircase with each breath you take, and simultaneously your vibration is elevated. Lift in vibration as you continue to imagine you are ascending up the staircase of light before you. I Archangel Uriel lower my vibration down to surround you with unconditional love and white light as you journey upward.

As you elevate your frequency and vibration by walking up the staircase of light, your power to create with love and intention is magnified indeed. And so lift yourself in vibration and in love, for these forces of the universe will serve you greatly and significantly in co-creating and in bringing peace, love and light fully into this realm.

Every moment is your opportunity. There is an infinite supply of light and love which you can tune into when you simply lift. Your ascension and elevated frequency will subtly and directly influence all. Return your awareness to your breath, and take your next step up the staircase of light.



Are you feeling under psychic attack? If so, shielding and protecting is in order from Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is the protector over all Lightworkers and Earth Angels.




Have you always wondered who your Guardian Angels are? Listen to this guided meditation with Doreen Virtue and meet your Guardian Angels.



~Relief From Emotional Stress~


😇Guided Meditation To Relieve Emotional Stress

If you are feeling stressed, this is a great video to listen to to calm emotional stress and bring peace back into your life.



😇Healing Meditation With Archangel Rafael

Listen to this video if you are in need of emotional, spiritual or physical healing with Archangel Rafael.



😇Angel Therapy Meditation-Doreen Virtue

Listen to this video to receive angel therapy healing.




The angels make their presence known to us in many ways. Always watch for the signs and synchronicities they present to you.


Love, light and blessings for a beautiful day!😇✨💜



About Tiffany:
Tiffany is a Spiritual Life Coach Dealing In Metaphysics. Psychic Empath, Energy Feeler, Healer, Transmuter. To schedule a Spiritual Life Coaching Session with Tiffany, please go to her FB page and private message your request.

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