Look at the photo. Which angel catches your eye and you identify with the most? (List your number in the comments section)
Peaceful Angel~ If you were drawn to this Angel it means you are drawn to peace and quiet. You value your alone time. You are the kind of person who is a great listener and others seek you out for comfort during difficult times. You help others by bringing joy and peace to their lives just simply by being near others. You are the peace-keeper and enjoy your alone time to recharge. Have you been taking care of you lately?
Elemental Balancing Angel~ If you chose this Angel you are a balancer of energies, negative to positive and light to dark. You work with the elementals to heal earth. You find your healing in nature and prefer a healthy clean life. This Angel may signify to you that you haven’t been grounding your energy with Earth enough and you’re feeling out of balance. To regain your balance, spend time alone in nature grounding with Mother Earth. How To Ground Yourself With Earth
Enlightment Angel~ If you chose this Angel it means that you are a seeker of knowledge. You are very wise and have lived many lives. You are an empath and have healing energy you give to either people, earth or animals. You are very positive and do not like negativity. You’re a Teacher, a Mentor or a Life Coach, guiding others on their path with your vast knowledge in many areas. You live by the motto, “Do no harm, but take no shit.” You are caring and empathetic, but you will not tolerate mistreatment or selfish behaviors. Have you been taking care of your energy so you can give your best to those you wish to assist? Guidance for Empaths
Warrior Angel~ If you chose this Angel you are a warrior. You have fought many battles over many lifetimes as a skilled Warrior of the Divine. You stick up for the little guy, children and animals. You are a protector over your family and loved ones. You run into danger, while others run away. You fear nothing or no one. No cause is too large or small for you. If you believe in it, you will fight to the end for positive change where it is needed. People look to you for strength and protection in their times of need. You are a Warrior and a Leader. Have you been letting someone take care of you for a change? 


By: Tiffany Stiles

Love & Blessings ~Tiffany 💜😇

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